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The drama of season 16 is behind us and also we’re down to the peak six — let’s emphasis on good designs without any type of gimmicks, candlestick we?

Spoke also soon…it’s time for the season’s 2nd unconventional challenge. “Why? Why? give me part fabric,” pleads Brandon. However there’s no towel for this challenge, not even supplemental towel from Mood. Instead, the designers must use safety items stuffed into three Lexuses (Lexi?). The materials incorporate caution tape, orange netting, knee pads, reflectors, rubber boats, tubing, a rope ladder, harnesses, ear plugs, and also more.

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After scrambling to rip it every from the automobile in three minutes, the developers head back to the workroom to obtain cracking. They only have until 11 p.m. That evening to make it work. Critical week Michael stated he assumed Brandon was running the end of ideas, and this main Margarita states she thinks the Brandon is a “one-trick pony.” you would have actually thought these 2 would have learned their lesson, but…no.

Anyway, Kenya is struggling through her architecture right off the bat because of a supplies shortage. She wants to usage black seat belts however doesn’t have enough and the rest of the room isn’t sharing. Ayana says the vibe is tenser 보다 usual, with world not wanting to help give a other designer a foot up.

When Tim comes because that critiques, Michael basically only has rope to show. He’s act something bondage-inspired through all the bungee cords…but in a “sophisticated way.” This seems prefer an oxymoron to me, however I am no a fashion designer, for this reason what execute I know?

Tim’s biggest issue is scheduled for Kentaro, that is using fire hose cloth as fabric, which Tim states isn’t transformational enough. This simply seems come perplex Kentaro even much more than usual.

For the other designers, Tim gives bits that advice the the developers seem come ignore. I guess we’re in ~ the part of the season where the designers feel i was sure in their very own decisions (although I’m not certain they have to be?).

The morning the the runway show, the last six room all scrambling to finish, but the designer in most likely the worst form is Kenya, who had a zipper rip out at the last minute. That wouldn’t it is in a season the Project Runway without a last-minute zipper break! (Recap ongoing on page 2)

On the runway, Heidi introduce the developers to guest judge Carly Chaikin, star that Mr. Robot and also Project Sammy’s Way. Due to the fact that we’re down to six, every the designers stay for critiques, which Heidi starts out with praise: She states they all did an amazing job, and also there’s nothing the judges didn’t like. Zac and also Nina execute not agree.



Although that struggled with the challenge, Brandon pulled out a look that the judges love. Zac says it’s spectacular work and he’s happy the difficulty forced him to play v color and also texture. Nina loves seeing him play with movement and appreciates the he’s sticking through his street aesthetic. Heidi loves that it’s flirty yet tough at the exact same time.


Nina starts turn off Michael’s critique by speak it’s not one of her favorite looks. And also it just goes downhill native there. Carly says, bluntly, the it’s hooker-ish, tacky, and cheap. Heidi appreciates the his model looks sexy, but she says compared with anyone else, the doesn’t look like he operated as hard. Zac claims that that likes the blue color, and also “that’s around it.”

Even with her seatbelt shortage and also broken zipper, Kenya finished up in the top. Heidi loves the detail and also how she operated with the seatbelts and also made them the highlight. Zac likes exactly how she painted end the seatbelts to add dimension, and Nina states she likes how the dress has drama without including “everything and also the kitchen sink.” Carly feel it to be classic, simple, and great.

Ayana want to pull the end all the stops and also take a risk, and she certainly did. Heidi claims her watch is an excellent and so over the top, but she loves it. Zac states it’s “hot, bold, and big.” that does suggest out the the top feels a little outdated, but he still says it’s superb job-related overall. And Carly states that she loves how the ethereal pop that blue in ~ the top tied the entirety thing together.

Margarita is the only designer come make note of the Lexus auto as inspiration, speak she wanted to do something chic. Nina gets a superhero vibe, in a an excellent way, and also loves the use of the reflectors and straps. Carly is a huge fan of the helmet shoulders, saying she might have just had a garbage bag with them and she would have actually loved it. Zac states this was a high because that him since she produced dimension and also it’s graphic; however, the does say that he tho doesn’t have a sense of Margarita’s style — and come come think that it, neither do I.

Kentaro acquired a bit lost in this challenge and finished up through a (to quote Liris) Pocahontas about to play football. Nina isn’t a pan of it and also feels he short vision. Heidi says it’s as well stiff, and also Carly claims it doesn’t feel choose fashion. Zac states he thinks he to be on the right path, yet he overloaded it and made it kitsch.

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What did girlfriend think that this week’s challenge? room you prepared for the developers to just emphasis on an excellent design sans gimmicks? Well, don’t host your breath due to the fact that it watch like following week is wrestling themed. Oh, Project Runway, exactly how you toy through us.