After revealing that she was date both her girlfriend Rosa and also Safaree, aka Nicki Minaj's ex, a pair of mainly ago, it wouldn't it is in long prior to Nikki would certainly be caught by her 2 lovers. And also on critical night's (Sept. 19) illustration of Love & i know good Hop Hollywood, the moment came for Rosa and Safaree to satisfy each other. But before getting right into that moment, let's backtrack a bit. Safaree had his apprehensions about Nikki regardless of having love for her, but then beam J revealed that he heard that Rosa and also Nikki have been obtaining intimate. While that couldn't check he rumors, it to be just enough to in reality make Safaree what Nikki's intentions were.

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So Safaree rolled right into one of Nikki's events and also quickly found her sneaking a makeout session v Rosa in the back. While he preserved his cool in the beginning, Nikki realized that since she was caught to ultimately come clean. Unfortunately, both Safaree and also Rosa weren't down for Nikki not just lying to them but additionally still wanting to continue the arrangement she had with them. On the other hand Nikki still thought that she walk nothing wrong. In she eyes, she wasn't necessarily major with both of them. However, she walk lie to both Rosa and Safaree once each request Nikki around whether or not she was seeing anyone else. So at the end of that all, Nikki was left with no one to snuggle increase with later on that night.

Ever because Shanda sent out Willie a letter about wanting to take it a break from your marriage, the didn't understand what come do. And after what felt favor ages, he finally met up through Shanda, that was down with relationship at that suggest and time. As soon as face-to-face, Willie ultimately came clean. Yet instead the Shanda causing a scene, she calmly however sternly described that she currently knew that cheated yet didn't appreciate that he repetitively denied it and lied. For this reason after the conversation, Willie didn't want her to leave him. However, she demands some time to figure things out on she own and expects that to take it that since he's the one that messed up your relationship.

Ray J and Princess have had actually their ups and also downs regarding the planning of your wedding. And also although ray promised to be there because that his bride and assist with the wedding planning, ray didn't continue to be true come his promised and missed their cake tasting. When Princess was already frustrated through that, she wedding planner really hit a nerve as soon as it came to her father. After ~ explaining the her dad would certainly be at the wedding want him to her down the aisle, Princess likewise admitted that they didn't really have actually a relationship. Return the planner didn't want to pry, she encouraged Princess to speak to her dad because he was the first man in her life. And after hearing what the wedding planner had to say, Princess started to cry. She realized that every time ray didn't present up because that wedding thing, feelings about how she dad abandoned her would start to surface. And also those an adverse feelings weren't what Princess wanted to feel about Ray. Although her problems couldn't have to be addressed by cake, Princess knew she had to whip her fiance right into shape prior to the wedding.

Now the Masika had her baby, and also Fetty Wap to be going to it is in a present father. She was prepared to hop earlier into she music career. For this reason she reached out to Max to occupational on some new material. During their meeting, Masika mutual her apprehensions concerning Max's wife, Brandi, and also her explosive tendencies. But Max reassured she that, Brandi wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, Brandi got wind the Max and also Masika's studio time together and also quickly confronted the situation. Brandi was best friends through the wife of a producer, who Masika supposedly tried to obtain with in the past. So while she trusted she husband, she had no trust for Brandi. Interrupting their studio time, Brandi soon lashed out at both Masika and also Max. After ~ trying to protect herself, Masika ultimately gave up and left.

Max soon reprimanded his wife for wasting precious and expensive studio time for another one of she dramatic episodes. And soon, the conversation walk from Masika's supposed flirty methods to Max and Brandi's relationship. Through the finish of the episode, it to be clear that Max make Brandi realize she consistently would run to conclusions yet no accept the fact that she did him wrong by acquisition their son's money because that her own investment. And although Brandi stated she's to be apologizing, it was obvious that she knew i m really sorry wasn't enough for what she did.

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Another dramatic illustration of Love & hip Hop Hollywood closed, but tune in following week to find out how each of this relationships grow or burst in ~ the seams.