A streetwise Philadelphia youth move in v his wealthy family members in LA. The social clashes that inevitably arose resulted in life lessons for all.

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Episode 1

Where There"s a Will, There"s a Way

Mon, Sep 20, 1993 30 mins

In the Season 4 opener, Will and also Carlton settle right into their brand-new LA party pad, where Carlton bring the mrs of his dreams---coed Jackie. Part 1 that two.

Episode 2

Where There"s a Will, There"s a Way

Mon, Sep 20, 1993 30 mins

Conclusion. Will certainly brings Carlton shocking news that Jackie is an old friend from Philly; and Hilary inquiry a "special" proposal indigenous Trevor.

Episode 3

All Guts, No Glory

Mon, Sep 27, 1993 30 mins

it is registered day finds will signing up for no-brainer classes, to add one that might truly challenge him.

Episode 4

Father of the Year

Mon, Oct 4, 1993 30 mins

when caring for Nicky, Will soon discovers he"s a huge man on campus through the women.

Episode 5

It"s far better to have Loved and Lost It...

Mon, Oct 11, 1993 30 mins

Carlton gets ribbed around his virginity, climate meets miss out on Right. Elsewhere, Geoffrey confesses a secret.

Episode 6

Will goes a Courtin"

Mon, Oct 18, 1993 30 mins

Philip challenges Will and Carlton top top his own turf---the courtroom---when the males refuse to pay the rent.

Episode 7

Hex and also the solitary Guy

Mon, Oct 25, 1993 30 mins

an outrageous psychic arranges a séance because that Hilary to communicate with the dead and get over Trevor once and for all.

Episode 8

Blood Is Thicker 보다 Mud

Mon, Nov 1, 1993 30 mins

will proves come be simply what a black fraternity wants, but Carlton strikes them together a "prep-school...sellout".

Episode 9

Fresh Prince ~ Dark

Mon, Nov 8, 1993 30 mins

will breaks a day with Jackie to accompany Hilary to a Playboy reception for "weather girls".

Episode 10

Home Is whereby the Heart assault Is

Mon, Nov 15, 1993 30 mins

Philip (James Avery) has a heart assault after will certainly sneaks the high-fat foods. Dr. Kevarkian: Dominic Hoffman. Paramedic: Darryl Sivad. Will: will Smith. Carlton: Alfonso Ribeiro.

Episode 11

Take my Cousin...Please

Mon, Nov 22, 1993 30 mins

Will"s plan to improve his qualities by fixing up his professor (Phil Morris) with Hilary backfires once Hilary finds fault with the man. Hilary: Karyn Parsons. Rhetta: Rachel True. Jackie: Tyra. Will: will Smith.

Episode 12

You"ve obtained to it is in a soccer Hero

Mon, Nov 29, 1993 30 mins

Will uses booze to prove his manliness while competing with a football hero (Cylk Cozart) who desires to score v Jackie (Tyra); Ashley learns beauty, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Judith: Robin Quivers. Louis: Craig Shoemaker. Billy: DeJuan Guy. Robert: Marc Robinson. Will: will Smith.

Episode 13

Twas the Night prior to Christening

Mon, Dec 20, 1993 30 mins

Boyz II guys star in a vacation episode around Will"s system to gain the team to do at Nicky"s christening. Vy: Vernee Watson-Johnson. Helen: Jenifer Lewis. Vivian: Daphne Maxwell Reid.

Episode 14

Sleepless in Bel-Air

Mon, jan 3, 1994 30 mins

will certainly (Will Smith) pays for putting off researching for a midterm until the critical minute, and Ashley (Tatyana M. Ali) pays for remaining out late on her very first date. Philip: James Avery. Carlton: Alfonso Ribeiro.

Episode 15

Who"s the Boss

Mon, jan 10, 1994 30 mins

Carlton becomes manager that the Peacock Stop; an "I dislike Hilary" newsletter precipitates stormy weather. Prof. Milligan: stack Fitts. Chessler: Jay Arlen Jones. Prof. Kemp: note Arnott. Hilary: Karyn Parsons. Carlton: Alfonso Ribeiro.

Episode 16

I know Why the Caged Bird Screams

Mon, january 24, 1994 30 mins

Will and also Jazz steal a statue native a rival school, whose team retaliates by kidnapping ULA"s happy charm---Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro), the strutting peacock mascot. Coach Kelly: Jeff Doucette. Amanda: Rana Kirkland.

Episode 17

When you Hit top top a Star

Mon, jan 31, 1994 30 mins

will (Will Smith) is a no-show in ~ his very own surprise date of birth party and takes off through a celebrity (Stacy Dash) that he thinks has the hots because that him. Ian: David Sterry. Rick: Alan Smith. Philip: James Avery.

Episode 18

Stop Will! In the surname of Love

Mon, Feb 14, 1994 30 mins

A Valentine"s twin date finds Will dealing with Ashley (Tatyana M. Ali) prefer a kid and also Ashley demanding r-e-s-p-e-c-t. Samantha: Amy Hunter. Duane: Branford Marsalis. Will: will Smith. Carlton: Alfonso Ribeiro.

Episode 19

You"d far better Shop Around

Mon, Feb 21, 1994 30 mins

A project as a car salesman fattens Will"s wallet and prompts him to quit college. Pete: Robert Guillaume. Vy: Vernee Watson-Johnson. Harrison: Mel Johnson Jr. Will: will Smith.

Episode 20

The Ol" Ball and Chain

Mon, Feb 28, 1994 30 mins

Philip foots the bill as soon as Jazz (Jeffrey A. Townes) decides come marry a jailbird (Karen Malina White) who moves in top top Will. Philip: James Avery. Will: will certainly Smith. Bridesmaid: Johari Johnson.

Episode 21

The Harder lock Fall

Mon, Mar 14, 1994 30 mins

one overprotective dad (John Witherspoon) takes will flying to scare him the end of obtaining too significant with his daughter (Cree Summer). Ranger Bob: Darryl Sivad. Ranger Franklin: Lance Reed. Will: will certainly Smith.

Episode 22

M Is for the numerous Things She gave Me

Mon, Apr 25, 1994 30 mins

an old fire (Pam Grier) access time Philip v her daughter (Elise Neal), climate proceeds to put the moves on Will. David: William thomas Jr. Philip: James Avery. Vivian: Daphne Maxwell Reid. Will: will certainly Smith. Hilary: Karyn Parsons.

Episode 23

Mother"s Day

Mon, might 2, 1994 30 mins

Newlyweds Jazz and also Jewel try to begin a family, but it turns out they"re walk to require a small help---from Will. Jewel: Karen Malina White. Junior: Tarpon London. Jazz: Jeffrey A. Townes. Nurse: play Crawford Brown. Dana: Kenya Moore. Will: will certainly Smith.

Episode 24

Papa"s got a Brand brand-new Excuse

Mon, might 9, 1994 30 mins

Ben Vereen dram Will"s long-lost father, that breezes right into town and promises will the moon, which angers an unforgiving Philip.

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Episode 25

For revenue by Owner

Mon, might 16, 1994 30 mins

A stranger makes a generous offer for the financial institutions estate, which prompts the family members to reminisce around their great times there. Donald Trump and also Marla Maples have actually cameos. Ron: Tom Henschel. Philip: James Avery.

Episode 26

Philadelphia Story

Mon, might 23, 1994 30 mins

In the Season 4 finale, will certainly returns come Philly and finds he"s the target of friends" jokes and also has a reputation as a chicken.