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home culture Miguel Cotto vs Canelo Alvarez live present (HBO PPV fight card): how to watch boxing online (Start time)

Miguel Cotto vs Canelo Alvarez takes ar on Saturday night in a bout that guarantees to it is in a spectacular one, and also is the sort of struggle boxing needs much more of. The fight takes ar from Mandalay bay in las Vegas, Nevada and also has a booked start time the 9 p.m. ET. A hit card through all the under card fights can be viewed below, and the bouts have the right to be watched ~ above TV ~ above HBO PPV, or online through live stream via the link below.

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Miguel Cotto and also Canelo AlvarezReuters

Alvarez comes into tonight's super bout with a 45-1-1 document with 32 punch outs, do him one of the strongest and also exciting boxers the end there. The Mexican strength puncher has quickly end up being one of the most followed boxers of the current era, and also is among the brightest stars of the boxing people at the moment.

If he can gain a win today versus one that the biggest figures in the Middleweight division it will certainly propel Alvarez to a new level, however, Miguel Cotto will not it is in fazed through today's clash, and also will be confident he has the experience and also tools to obtain the task done.

Cotto himself has a record of 40-4, with 33 knockouts. The Puerto Rican boxer was an alleged to be putting his WBC belt top top the line because that today's fight, however that to be controversially stripped far from him previously this week simply days prior to the bout because he had actually failed to pay the sanctioning fee required.

That has added further interest and intrigue come tonight's fight, and has ensured this bout has actually caught wide attention among specialized boxing fans as well as fringe fans.

That's all an excellent news because that HBO, which will be to run the PPV of tonight's fight, and also the more fans room talking around the main occasion the far better for them, and arguably because that boxing.

But fans will certainly be hoping the the 2 fighters both deliver, together if castle both operate at your potential climate this should be a an excellent match up. And in an era where great boxing bouts and rivalries seem come be few and far between, a spectacular match up below would reignite a many interest for the sport.

Fans have been waiting a lengthy time for this bout, and both boxers has actually expressed confidence that they will be the one standing victorious in ~ the finish of tonight's fight, however, there deserve to be only one winner.

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Tonight's enormous boxing match up between Miguel Cotto and also Canelo Alvarez has actually a reserved fight card start time of 9 p.m. ET, and can be watched top top TV on HBO PPV, online through BoxNation by click here.

The complete under fight card have the right to be watched below:

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