Malaysia and also Angel shot to placed their feud come rest, and Angel stop a launch party for her apparel line, but the drama between Brandi and Shaunie almost derails the event.

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As things obtain heated in between Angel Love and Brandi, Malaysia arrives prepared to defend her friend, and also Jackie convinces Shaunie to sit down with Brandi come hash the end their issues.

Malaysia plan a ski trip for the group, point of view gets emotional when her connection with Tyreke is referred to as into question, and also Shaunie and also Brandi work-related out your differences.

Angel Love inquiries her friendship v Angel Brinks, Duffey offers to direct a music video clip for Tami"s daughter, and also Jackie make the efforts to do peace in between Duffey and also Angel Love.

Angel Brinks plans she anniversary party, Tami and also Duffey collaborate ~ above Jazz"s music video, and Doug viewpoints Jackie with news about his job move.

Angel Brinks throws an occasion to celebrate her garments company, Tami and also Reggie watch a fertility doctor, and Jackie turns to an power healer to unpack her emotionally issues.
Jackie’s violent screen at point of view Brinks’s anniversary party provides waves, Brandi and Duffey setup a BBQ, and also Tami confronts Duffey around her daughter"s music video.
Things acquire physical as soon as Tami fires Duffey native Jazz"s music video, and also Angel Brinks and Angel Love have actually it out with Jackie around her malfunction at the anniversary party.
Tami receives scandalous information from one old friend, point of view Brinks gets blindsided at Tami"s daughter"s music video release party, and also Dougie gets his first real haircut.
Jackie exam Malaysia"s borders when she asks she to come follow me for she colonic procedure, Doug and Chantel arrangement a surprised for Jackie, and Duffey offers an apology come Jazz.
As the females embark ~ above their trip to Portugal, Malaysia tries to make peace in between Tami and also Duffey, and also Duffey has second thoughts about her decision to which the trip.
Jackie fears the worst when she can"t reach Doug, and also the tension between Duffey and Tami results in an explosive showdown together the women proceed their pilgrimage to Portugal.
Jackie decides whether to send Tami or Duffey earlier to the U.S. After their altercation, Tami receives disastrous news, and Doug surprises Jackie through a dream wedding.
Marc Lamont Hill hosts as the women talk about Tami and also Duffey"s rooftop battle, Angel and also Brandi confront off in one explosive argument, and Jackie defends her outlandish behavior.
The ladies are reunited for the very first time because the explosive Portugal trip. Critical season Shaunie didn"t want Brandi back. This season she"s all set to provide Duffey she pink slip. Tune in to the reunion Sunday + 8/7c!
Ryan apologizes because that betraying a friend, Phor prepares for fatherhood, and also Charmaine tries to take control of her shop when a brand-new season of black Ink Crew Chicago premieres October 4.
After months of pain, ns and brand-new beginnings, it"s time to watch if the Chi crew can finally come with each other on a new season of black Ink Crew Chicago, premiering October 4.
The 305 better get all set to roll out the red carpet for Joseline Hernandez ~ above Season 3 that Love & hip Hop Miami, premiering January 6.
The two-episode Season 3 premiere kicks off with Blueface versus Dreamdoll and also Clarence White matches Queen Naija this Tuesday 8/7c.

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Watch KP and his artists" cumulative turn your city roughly through ink, music and also opportunities as soon as Black ink Crew Compton premieres on Wednesday, august 14, at 10/9c.