A dice Kenny Ackermann indulges in his sob story as Levi battles to make a very difficult decision.

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Kenny starts his devotion come the Reiss family from a simply place, however it no take lengthy for his more selfish compulsions to climb to the surface. Uri casually tells Kenny around the power within the Reiss bloodline and their propensity for coming to be Titans. As soon as Kenny hears around this strength he can’t avoid thinking around how to acquire it because that himself. He i do not care obsessed through wanting to revolve his life into something greater. Thus begins Kenny’s complicated mission to increase through the ranking of the Reiss’ military and also steal your power, just the latest events in present day throw a drastic, life-ending wrench into Kenny’s scheme.

It’s sort of perfect that Kenny’s fatality is simply a result of inconsequential debris indigenous Rod’s revolution and not some excellent attack. It’s just a an outcome of the randomness of fate. Together a controversial number from Levi’s life is just wiped out by happenstance, but it’s one of the much better deaths that the display has pulled off and it actually generates sympathy because that Kenny in his final moments. 

He seems to understand the error the his ways and also at least goes out on a noble note, also if his life was largely on the dorn path. The poignantly realizes the even world with as much power as the Reiss family are still servants to miscellaneous in life, whether it’s children, dreams, or also God itself. “Friends” describes the prestige of Kenny’s desire to end up being something larger and in his last moments that selflessly abandons this dream because that the greater great and the safety of his nephew. Kenny may now be dead, but he ultimately gets his priorities in order.

Finally, Historia gets crowned together Queen and also it’s among the more joyous moments that has actually ever developed in the series. Historia’s very first order together Queen is to promptly punch Levi, i m sorry is a glorious call back to her “deal” through Mikasa ago in 308. Those even much better is just how Mikasa eggs she on even further here! It’s how amazing to see how satisfying this moment is and just how an overwhelming the past couple of weeks have actually been for everyone. Probably now, finally, life will begin to gain a tiny easier.

Just as all of the family members drama and also emotion involves a satisfying close, “Friends” litter a substantial cliffhanger in ~ its audience for what’s to follow all of this Historia and also Reiss household chaos. The end of nowhere, a vicious battle between Reiner’s Titan and the Beast Titan get its conclusion. Bertolt jumps in to conserve Reiner from death, but the bigger news below comes in regard come the identification of the person who’s in regulate of the Beast Titan! 

This individual isn’t explicitly determined (eagle-eyed viewers may briefly remember the from the finish of the second season), but he wake up to have glasses the look suspiciously similar to the kind worn through Grisha Jaegar, Eren’s father. Might this secret Titan soldier be another gnarled, unanticipated branch indigenous Eren’s family members tree? Not only are this stranger and Bertolt anxious to obtain the “Coordinate” Titan ability, yet they’re likewise just as collection on having words with Eren and intercepting his mission. Can a messy family members reunion it is in that much off?

“Friends” is a very satisfying entry of Attack ~ above Titan that feels favor the conclusion that this season’s an initial big arc in many ways. While there still may be an additional episode or two that explores the after-effects of Historia’s crowning and also the changes to the government, it looks choose the season is all set to relocate onto much more Titan mysteries and pivot back to Eren and his family. “Friends” provides many answers, plenty of tense battles—both in a human and Titan capacity—and some exceptional aesthetics that enhance the experience. The music in this collection is constantly enjoyable, but it works an especially well here as the punctuates painful pieces of Kenny’s past. The score the crescendos throughout the episode’s finale is likewise especially an effective and really helps that cliffhanger pop.

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That being said, Attack on Titan has gotten in such a rich, fascinating chapter of that story that they might deliver a fully silent episode and also it’d still it is in must-watch television.

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