"War never Changes" is a memorable quote uttered during the arrival sequences for various games in the Fallout series. When some have attributed the quote to the 18th chairman of the United states Ulysses S. Grant, no initial sources have been discovered to verify the claim.

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In September, the first Fallout game was released for computer systems, i m sorry featured the line "War never ever changes" in a voice-over narration by gibbs Ron Perlman heard automatically after the game"s opened cinematic.<1> ~ above September 30th, 1998, the sequel Fallout 2 was released, which used the exact same line during the opened sequence. Ten years later in October 2008, the quote was featured in the advent of the game Fallout 3.

Fallout 1: War. War never ever changes.The Romans waged battle to gather slaves and wealth. Spain built realm from the lust for gold and also territory. Hitler shaped a stop Germany into an financial superpower.But war never changes.Fallout 2: War. War never ever changes.The end of the world developed pretty much as we had actually predicted. Too numerous humans, no enough space or resources to go around. The details space trivial and pointless, the reasons, as always, purely person ones.Fallout 3: War. War never ever changes.
Since the dawn of human being kind, as soon as our ancestors first discovered the killing strength of rock and bone, blood has been flood in the name of everything: native God to justice to simple, psychotic rage.In the year 2077, ~ millennia of armed conflict, the terrible nature the man can sustain itself no longer. The human being was plunged right into an abyss of nuclear fire and radiation.But it to be not, as some had actually predicted, the finish of the world. Instead, the apocalypse was just the prologue to another bloody thing of human history. Because that man had actually succeeded in destroying the people – however war, war never ever changes.


On July 3rd, 2011, YouTuber Fafner Normanko uploaded one edited variation of the Cupcake Dog video clip titled "Cupcake Dog – War never ever changes," depicting the dog together a war veteran through PTSD (shown below).

On march 2nd, 2013, the video game news blog Destructoid<5> detailed the Fallout quote in an article about the "ten many meaningful video game quotes of all time." ~ above July 20th, the webcomic Dorkly<4> uploaded a Fallout-themed comic titled "War never ever Changes," in which the protagonist discusses the definition of the quote through the game"s narrator (shown below).


On November 8th, 2015, Redditor Jonex_ submitted a post asking around the meaning of the "war never changes" heat to the /r/fo4<3> subreddit, to which user Menonow claimed Ulysses S. Provide originally coined the phrase.

"I have never supported war except as way of peace, so seek peace, but prepare because that war. Due to the fact that war… War never ever changes. War is prefer winter and winter is coming."

On November 10th, Fallout 4 was released, i beg your pardon featured a brand-new opening succession in i m sorry the narrator starts a monologue with the phrase "war never ever changes" (shown below).

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On December 7th, StackExchange<2> member choster it is registered a article asking for verification that the quote was initially uttered by Ulysses S. Grant, come which user DavPhD responded that there to be no trusted sources of grant saying the specific line "war never changes." However, DavPhD noted a quotation indigenous the 1914 publication The World"s Work; second War Manual; The command of War which included an post titled "The Days occupational of a Soldier" that contained the line.