Not just is this my an initial article, but this is managing a subject that not only I, but many others, know little about, so please bare through me top top this one. Back in the 1980"s, the toy agency Kenner created a franchise recognized as M.A.S.K.

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M.A.S.K. Was pretty much created by Kenner in bespeak to complete with competitor toy company Hasbro (who actually bought Kenner, after that was gained by Tonka in 1987, in the 1990"s and also dissolved it in the at an early stage 2000"s), who was making money turn off of both Transformers and G.I. Joe. M.A.S.K. To be in many ways a mix of the two, as it had actually human soldiers battling it out in vehicles who deserve to transform. Around a decade after the animated series ended, in 1996 the ide of day-to-day vehicles transforming into different machines to be rebooted into a brand-new line that toys and an animated series. This brand-new cartoon to be Vor-Tech: Undercover counter Squad.

Vor-Tech aired on this weekday action-oriented animation block well-known as The strength Block. The power Block to be aired with first-run syndication throughout the U.S., which intended it aired ~ above several various channels, which contained Fox, The WB and, native what ns read, ABC, along with several other channels as well.

As pointed out before, the power Block aired weekdays on different channels throughout the joined States. Native what i found and also from my own memory, it aired one illustration each day, through each show getting a various day to air (I don"t know what they did on the 5th day). The strength Block would open up with it"s intro, showcasing some clips from each cartoon the had, then show the intro of which cartoon they were airing, then came before with the cartoon, then finished with the end credits being presented while the power Block intro and theme was played beside it, showcasing some additional footage native the cartoons not presented in the strength Block"s intro. The power Block was type of produced in bespeak to help these cartoons develop up viewership, together at that point no channel want to waiting them uneven they might prove they can survive. Both Reboot and G.I. Joe Extreme had actually aired before this yet couldn"t tempt viewers, and both Beast Wars and Vor-Tech were brand-new shows the no channel wanted to danger airing.From what I found here:, the strength Block just aired because that a year before being cancelled. I"ll get more into this later.Now let"s talk around the main cartoon that we"re below for today: Vor-Tech: Undercover counter Squad.The show was about Vor-Tech: Undercover counter Squad, a team of mystery agents who usage this advanced technology known as VOR-Technology.Using this technology, the members that Vor-Tech wear unique helmets and masks. This masks and also helmets enable them to turn their plain vehicles into advanced machines.

The Vor-Tech team is it war with this team of evil being"s well-known as the Bio-Mech"s.(For some reason the photo won"t load, so here"s a attach to fan art of the Bio-Mech"s: Bio-Mech"s room these techno-organic beings, very comparable to the Borg from the Star Trek franchise, other than they actually have actually personality come them.The Bio-Mech"s were produced when your leader, Damian Roarke/Lord Matrix, a scientist who dedicated in nanotechnology, experimented nanotechnology top top himself. Something walk hideously wrong, and it transformed him into a Bio-Mech.This particular nano tech strain went under the name of "The Matrix"(bare in psychic this show came the end a few years before the movie). When someone is exposed come The Matrix, the transforms them into a Bio-Mech.This to be the goal of the Bio-Mech"s in the show: to unleash a techno pester onto humanity, producing a techno-organic civilization as a result.This collection up Vor-Tech"s mission: to protect against the Bio-Mech"s, totally free them native The Matrix and defeat The procession once and also for all.Here"s another detail i forget to include: The leader that the Bio-Mech"s, Damian Roarke/Lord Matrix, is the older brothers of the leader that Vor-Tech: Hudson Roarke/Shepherd. It collection up a reoccurring event in the display where both would fulfill at a location and put aside their dispute to convince one another to sign up with their side.Admittedly, this is about where my information on the present ends. Here"s the thing: as mentioned before, the strength Block just aired because that a year. As soon as it ended, every show that aired top top it had actually to uncover a brand-new home. Beast battles eventually continued to waiting on Fox Kids, Reboot jumped roughly from channel come channel prior to ending top top it"s infamous cliffhanger, G.I. Joe Extreme finished it"s run, and, well, Vor-Tech: Undercover Conversion squad couldn"t uncover a home, which is why it to be cancelled, after just one season include 13 episodes, the last two of which were a two partier the left the present on a cliffhanger.To this date, the present (to mine knowledge) has actually never re-aired, nor has been released on DVD. Friend can"t find any episodes ~ above the internet, i m sorry is why over there is so small info top top this series.I did regulate to discover two brief clips top top Youtube from one episode, yet it ends with that.
I somewhat placed a lot of the blame because that it"s failure on the toy line. The vehicles themselves to be very comparable to the one"s provided for M.A.S.K. Ago in the 80"s, yet that wasn"t horrible itself.

However, the vehicles were still horrible. Some had no features outside of transforming the vehicles:
Some didn"t even resemble what lock looked choose in the show (this is the toy variation of the white jet that showed up in the intro):
But the figures were the pure worst. Castle barely had any type of joints, the paint jobs were off and also had no same to the characters on the show.These room the two male Bio-Mech"s, Jason King/HardFire and Damian Roarke/Lord Matrix, toy counterpart"s. Simply compare them to the fan art and video I verified you before:
Even the mask"s and helmet"s because that the Vor-Tech figures were off. Compare the stack Rhodes/Ace number (he"s mine avatar, you can see the in the intro):
One website devoted to M.A.S.K. Likewise had a page setup for Vor-Tech. They additionally managed to discover a few photos of figures and vehicles being produced the second series of Vor-Tech toys, offered us some understanding into what the 2nd season that Vor-Tech: Undercover conversion Squad had to give us: a decade after Vor-Tech: Undercover Conversion formation aired, Hasbro created a brand-new show dubbed A.T.O.M., which, prefer Vor-Tech, is a brand-new reboot of M.A.S.K. And it"s idea that vehicles transforming right into much an ext powerful machines. The lasted much longer then Vor-Tech did, and also while ns haven"t seen any episodes, I"ve heard it"s a kind cartoon.

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Given that M.A.S.K. Freshly received a DVD release, ns really hope that sooner or later Vor-Tech: Undercover Conversion formation does too. It was a brief lived cartoon that didn"t wait as lengthy as it can of, and hasn"t watched the light of job in years.Since I"m now no much longer a child, I would love to just sit back and clock the episodes again, reliving the great 13 illustration of the show, probably with mine own children that I can have one day.Maybe, simply maybe, that dream deserve to come true.
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Hoju_Koolander posted 7 year 8 months ago
Wow, exciting subject. I had never heard that this show, for this reason you have now educated me. I was but a large M.A.S.K. Fan growing up with numerous of the vehicles. My favorites to be Condor, the motorcycle that changed to a helicopter and the Buzzard auto that had actually twin bad guys and split right into 3 vehicles. Looking front to an ext of your articles.
thank you! I had actually a handful of the original M.A.S.K. Playthings handed under to me, my favorites being Hurricane, Stinger and also Bulldog.
"Made In China" does the all too often. If girlfriend remember, the street fighter figures from 90"s were cast using the G.I.Joe molds native the 80"s. A dead provide away is when the within of the thigh of the SF number was date 1986. I desire to say the the He-man product was in reality an result of reusing a mold. He was re marketed indigenous a Japanese toy line. So her Firefly F1 suspicions are completely warranted.
divine crap. I forgot all around those SF figures. I remember a friend had actually those and I would certainly always notice how similar they were to the G.I. Joe figures from the 80"s.
wow, the green and also blue "jet" thingy is a ripoff the a Mask automobile i had as a kid. The a formula one racer that turns right into a jet. Exterior of the color, its virtually the exact same thing. Lol
i think the initial M.A.S.K. One your talking around was called "Firefly." That, and Rattler and Gator (the first toy photo I have on here) were amongst the most easily comparable to a M.A.S.K. Vehicle. The seemed prefer for the second series they to be going to shot to it is in a tiny bit an ext original with the designs.
Great failure on the history and immortality of the show.Too poor it couldn"t have been a "reboot" that sorts for M.A.S.K. Otherwise the show/property may have actually seen greater success.
give thanks to you!You do have to offer the world behind this a little bit of credit: they did shot to make a show that would certainly stand ~ above it"s own two feet. In the end, other determinants just prevented the from acquisition off.