The Hokies square off versus an all too acquainted foe top top Saturday, the Pirates of east Carolina. A look back on the history between the two schools and what Saturday has in save for us.

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Think ago to the 2014 football season, the Hokies to be coming turn off arguably the biggest win in school history after knocking off the eventual national champion Buckeyes in Columbus and also were heading into week 3 that the season to confront the eastern Carolina Pirates. Meanwhile, the Pirates had actually just lost a squeaker come the south Carolina Gamecocks ~ above the road and also were coming into Blacksburg, VA looking come redeem themselves and also hot cursed did lock ever. Led by senior QB Shane Carden, the Pirates walked into Lane Stadium and also stormed to a 21-0 command after the first quarter. Ns remember the town hall the game with friends in utter shock and also disbelief as Carden and an elderly wide receiver, camer Worthy, burnt the Hokies defense/secondary all video game long together the corners were left on one island all day and also struggled throughout. The Hokies would eventually cut the bring about 7 in the 4th quarter, but it to be too small too late as the Pirates winner by a score the 28-21. Carden threw because that 427 yards and also 3 touchdowns with Worthy finishing v 224 receiving yards. Let"s hope history does not repeat itself this Saturday.

This Saturday point out the 20th match-up in between the two colleges as the Hokies lead the rivalry 13 to 6. Since 2007, ECU and VT have actually played 7 times and also the median margin the victory during that expectations is approximately 10 points which reflects that regardless of the Hokies judgment the overall head to head, more often than not it bring away a full 4 quarters to placed away the Pirates. Traveling ago in time also further mirrors just just how much the Pirates have been a mandrel in the next of frank Beamer as ECU to win the Hokies in consecutive periods in 1991-92. Beamer & Co.

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Would return the favor by ripping turn off 6 consecutive victories of there very own until the Pirates knocked off the Hokies yet again in 2008 through this infamous punting block to seal the victory.

This year continues the the end of conference rivalry but gone is Shane Carden, electronic came Worthy, and speedster Justin Hardy. The Pirates space still employing the same pass happy violation this season led by small QB, Blake Kemp, yet will have to do so there is no their offensive architect, former Offensive Coordinator Lincoln Riley that left the Pirates in the off-season because that the same task with the Oklahoma Sooners under Bob Stoops. Vegas has actually sided through the Hokies thus much as the spread out favors Virginia technology by 4 when the heat opened and also now has ballooned come an 8 suggest spread. watch.0.html