Vanessa Bell Calloway began her job in 1985 and also henceforth, is energetic in the field. Picture Source: Zimbio.

A cancer survivor is not simply a survivor however is a true warrior. Over there is a variety of examples of such brave characters in Hollywood, and among them, actress Vanessa Bell Calloway is one.

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Besides, Vanessa is one actress by profession who operated in number of struggle movies and also TV series. Together with a hardworking celebrity, she is also a loving wife and a caring mother.

3 Decades-Long Married Life with Husband, Anthony Calloway

Vanessa Bell Calloway bound the node to her friend turned husband, Dr. Anthony Calloway, an anesthesiologist in 1988.

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They exchanged vow in a personal ceremony in the presence of families and also friends. Henceforth, the pair is inseparable.

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