Clemson"s the College Football Playoff No. 1, and South Carolina just shed to the state"s third-ranked FCS team.

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The Citadel got in Williams-Brice Stadium and knocked off South Carolina, 23-22. It was the initially win for the tiny Charleston military institution in the in-state matchup since 1990, and the Bulldogs" first victory over an FBS team in 27 tries.

The Gamecocks appeared to protect against the embarrassing upset via a substantial fourth-and-7 convariation, a 95-yard touchdown pass to Pharoh Cooper:

But the play was referred to as ago as a result of a false begin -- one that might not have occurred -- and the Gamecocks couldn"t pick up the fourth-and-10, resulting in the loss.

With the loss, the Gamecocks are more than likely the fifth-best team in South Carolina.

See, Clemboy is currently the finest team in college footround. The Citadel had actually formerly lost to Charleston Southern, ranked No. 8 in the FCS poll. And Charleston Southern is ranked below Coastal Carolina, that were No. 4 before this week"s loss to Liberty.

This game had the perfect combo for an FCS-over-SEC upset. South Carolina is a pretty bad SEC team, 3-7 coming right into Saturday. And The Citadel is not just an excellent FCS team, already having clinched a share of the Southern Conference title, but one that runs the triple alternative. Nick Saban warned you around FCS choice teams.

The Citadel just threw three times, but absolutely gamelted the Gamecocks on the ground, rushing for 350 yards on 61 carries. It"s a similar case to as soon as Georgia Southern took down Florida in 2013, the last FCS win against an SEC team.

Life is difficult for The Citadel athletes. It"s a military school, through strict codes for student actions and life. The institution isn"t a direct feeder into the equipped forces, yet the college struggles via some of the very same problems America"s business academies do attracting athletic talent. The Bulldogs are one of just 5 original college basketball teams never to have qualified for the NCAA Tournament.

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But this year, this particular day, The Citadel can celebprice. The Bulldogs are conference champions, and also they"re better than South Carolina. Their constant seaboy is over, yet this win need to have actually them in the hunt for an at-big FCS playoff spot.