SACRAMENTO -- It"s been much more than eight years since Urijah Faber organized a civilization title. And also yet, it still kind of feels together if he"s going out on top.

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"The California Kid" placed on one final show for his hometown top top Saturday, beating Brad Pickett via unanimous decision at UFC fight Night inside gold 1 Center. All 3 judges score it a 30-26 blowout because that Faber.

Faber, 37, announced before the fight the it would certainly be the last of his 13-year career. He maintained that stance on Saturday, in spite of the one-sided victory.

Urijah Faber, top, retired from MMA after ~ his decision success over Brad Pickett at UFC fight Night in Sacramento.Jeff Chiu/AP"This life experience has been amazing. I feel favor I obtained my Ph.D. In actual life," Faber said. "I"m all set to go forward and some big things. Thank you come Brad Pickett who is an pure warrior."

The signature minute of the fight occurred in the an initial round, when Faber to reduce Pickett (25-13) with a evil left hook in the pocket. Pickett fell to his ago and looked up blankly. Faber adhered to him to the ground and also followed increase the knockdown with big shots, however Pickett survived.

Later ~ above in the second frame, Faber tried to find one of his signature guillotine chokes in the midst of a scramble. Pickett managed to survive that too and even reduce Faber through a left hand in the last round, yet Faber popped earlier up and smiled.

According come Fightmetric, Faber outlanded Pickett in total strikes 89 come 20. The is just six months removed from fighting for the UFC"s bantamweight location in June however had also lost three of his last four going into Saturday.

"It"s such a surreal experience," claimed Faber, top top hanging up his gloves. "I love doing this. There"s nothing prefer it in the world. But I"m ready to move forward."

Faber will be remembered together a pioneer for the lower weight classes. Prior to the UFC adding 125-, 135-, and 145-pound load classes in 2011, Faber to be the face of the WEC promotion, i beg your pardon focused exclusively on those divisions. He winner the WEC featherweight location in 2006 and defended it five times.

His attempt to win ago that WEC location in 2010 against Jose Aldo headlined the only pay-per-view event in WEC history. Between 2008 and also 2016, Faber battled in seven world title fights between the WEC and UFC but came up short in every one.

He is the founder that Team Alpha masculine in Sacramento, which right now houses the likes the Cody Garbrandt and also Paige VanZant, among others. He finishes v 19 job wins by submission and also seven via knockout.

Gall keeps winning, stops Northcutt in ring 2

Mickey Gall, top, quit Sage Northcutt in ring 2 in ~ UFC fight Night in Sacramento.Kyle Terada/USA now SportsWelterweight Mickey bitterly (4-0) dropped Sage Northcutt (8-2) with a best hand in the second round, i m sorry he conveniently turned right into a rear-naked choke finish.

Prior to the submission, Gall, of new Jersey, might have accomplished an even bigger feat, together he showed up to rage the notoriously optimistic Northcutt.

In the opened round, Northcutt got top position in a scramble and then stood up end Gall and animatedly gestured because that him to gain up.

In the second round, Northcutt opened a cut over Gall"s best eye with a left hook. Together blood began to operation down Gall"s face, Northcutt pointed towards it, smiled and also said something come Gall, who smiled back. Moment later, Gall landing a winging right hand in the bag that put Northcutt ~ above the floor.

Sticking v his heritage of calling the end opponents, the 25-year-old gall revealed that intends come drop to lightweight and also would like to welcome earlier former welterweight Dan Hardy, that hasn"t fought because 2012.

"I think I"m gonna drop come 155 ," gall said. "I think I have the right to go under there and also be a champion in a couple years. I"d favor to welcome ago Dan Hardy. He"s been saying he desires to come ago and desires a marquee fight. Ns think he"s a legend, and I"d love come fight him."

Gall, who got notoriety by calling out and then overcoming retired WWE star cm Punk previously this year, is now 3-0 in the UFC with 3 rear-naked choke finishes. Northcutt, who fights the end of Katy, Texas, drops to 3-2 in the UFC.

Jouban constrain Perry because that UD victory

Alan Jouban, left, scored a well-deserved unanimous decision victory versus Mike Perry.Kyle Terada-USA this particular day SportsWelterweight Alan Jouban (15-4) stopped the inert of Mike Perry (9-1), together he handed the his very first pro defeat via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

Jouban, out of Lafayette, Louisiana, reduce Perry v a counter left in the opened round and again through a straight left in the 2nd frame. Perry, who had never had a fight go the street before, wobbled Jouban through a head kick and a left hook early, however his violation stalled as the struggle progressed.

A big reason for the was Jouban"s body kicks, which piled up end the 15 minutes. Through the 3rd round, Perry looked hesitant and couldn"t let his hand go. Jouban used his reach and height advantages, score with an ext leg kicks and also locked increase the win.

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Jouban improves to 6-2 in the UFC. Perry, who fights out of south Florida, drops come 2-1.