The Eiffel Tower sex position entails three or much more people who place themselves into a development that resembles the architectural structure of the Eiffel Tower.

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How Does it Work?

By definition, the Eiffel Tower have the right to only be accomplished with 3 or an ext people. This method that you will have to have a conversation through your companion prior come doing this sex position. As soon as all parties have evidenced that they room willing and also able participants, friend can start planning exactly how to collection up the Eiffel Tower.

One person gets on all fours and forms the “base” of the tower. That person performs dental sex top top the partner standing in front, while gift penetrated by the other partner from behind. Climate the outside partners high-five or touch hands above the base partner.

Variations that the Eiffel Tower

Flipped Eiffel Tower

This variation has actually the very same structure together the Eiffel Tower, but instead the the base companion being on all fours, they upper and lower reversal over and lie on their back. 

Lying down Eiffel Tower

This variation has the exact same structure together the classic Eiffel Tower, but instead the the two external partners was standing or kneeling, they both place down towards the very same side, if the basic partner also rolls onto your side.

Double-Stack Eiffel Tower

This involves bringing in a fourth partner come help type the basic of the tower. They have the right to be facing the same method as the initial base partner, go head-to-toe and perform a 69 sex position, or flipped over and also lay them earlier to ago on height of the initial base partner. The external partners now have four various hole sports to select from for penetration.

What is the Difference in between Eiffel Tower and also Spit Roast?

While the general formation of both location is the same, the difference between these two sex location is the in the Eiffel Tower, the partner on either finish of the companion in the center touch or organize hands, forming a triangle. In the Spit Roast, the external partners store their hands to us or touch the base partner on their corresponding ends.

Myths about the Eiffel Tower Position

It has to be male-female-male.

The Eiffel Tower deserve to be completed with any mix of partners and also can encompass vaginal or anal sex, a dildo or strap-on.

It has to be only three people.

The Eiffel Tower position lends chin for much more than three human being to participate. There deserve to be two civilization at the same time as the base.

How to shot the Eiffel Tower Sex position Safely

Practice safe Sex

Since the Eiffel Tower involves much more than 2 people, make sure that anyone is practicing safe sex. Use condoms and take other measures to safeguard you and your partner from sexuallytransfer diseases.

Talk come Your partner

When involving secondary person to have actually sex through you and your partner, you must make certain that anyone is comfortable and consenting to group sex. Girlfriend should likewise be ready to transaction with difficult or jealous feelings after.

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Whenever engaging in group sex, open and honest present of communication about how each companion is feeling is really important to ensure everyone participating is safe, healthy, and also happy.