In less than 2 weeks, we will watch the first of its kind as soon as John Cena, Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk satisfy in a triple risk match inside the steel framework well-known as Hell in a Cell. Unfortunately, I"m not too excited for this distinctive encounter.

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Why? Since compared to the original Hell in a Cell matches, the bouts that take area on the PPV via the very same name seem more prefer pillow fights. And that"s where Edge vs. the Undertaker enters.

Over three years ago, the Phenom and the Rated-R Superstar collided in the primary occasion of WWE"s second-biggest PPV of the year. It was simply a grudge match via months and also months of pent-up frustration. Which is precisely a remedy that Hell in a Cell can cure.

Edge vs. Undertaker was the last Hell in a Cell complement that really meant somepoint. The buildup for that enhance really began at Survivor Series the previous year, when Edge clocked Taker through a cam in yet an additional Hell in a Cell enhance and price him the title.

After plenty of battles throughout the following few months, Edge finally dominated and compelled Taker to leave the firm after beating him in a TLC complement. But then Vickie brought him ago to acquire revenge on her cheating husband also.

I mean, we can"t really blame Edge tright here. We are talking around Vickie, not Trish Stratus. Either method, the consequences were expensive, and it all culminated at SummerSlam.


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And the enhance yielded.

Both males battled inside and out of the cell, utilizing tables, camages, chairs, steel steps and also ladders on the journey. And in the finish, Edge was literally "sent to hell."

Fast-forward to 2011, and also currently, the Hell in a Cell enhance does not suppose nearly as a lot. The cell is meant to end long-standing rivalries and also crown a true winner. Now, the only time we have the right to see among these matches is if it happens to be beforehand October.

Cena vs. Punk alone could make an outside instance for a Hell in a Cell enhance, however also their rivalry has not gone on lengthy enough for that honor. As for Cena and also Del Rio, well, let me make this simple. Not a possibility.

Many most likely, we will see Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton inside Satan"s Structure also. Henry is on the roll of his career, yet also that enhance doesn"t deserve the honor. If anypoint, it need to be Orton vs. Christian instead.

The last kicker for this PPV is the lack of blood, and that goes a long way in the direction of reducing the "hellish" nature of the display. Then aobtain, Edge and also Taker did not attribute any kind of blood from the head, and also that was still a terrific complement.

In my opinion, it"s time to scrap the Hell in a Cell PPV and also rerotate the enhance to its former glory. Leave the enhance for long-standing rivalries that cannot be ended in any other way. Unfortunately, with the PG direction of the display, I"m afrhelp that the glory days of Hell in a Cell are much behind us.

Thanks for reading my first WWE post right here on Bleacher Report. Any comments or feedago you can have actually are always appreciated, great or negative.

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