The Undertaker and Andre the giant are arguably the two biggest attractions in WWE history. 

Though in various ways, they to be larger-than-life personalities that might never be suitable again—Andre the large primarily because of his sheer size and also The Undertaker both since of his size and also the mystique of his gimmick, i m sorry many consider to it is in the finest professional wrestling has ever seen. 

Andre the huge was the very first nationally-known behemoth in experienced wrestling, a man who could hardly wrestle a lick however could sell out one arena since there was no one else choose him. The very same goes because that The Undertaker—there has actually never to be a star quite like the Phenom. 

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But will there ever before be? 

Wrestling pan are constantly comparing stars that the past to today’s greatest superstars, saying things like “CM Punk is the next stone Cold” or “’John Cena is today’s Hulk Hogan.” 

However, this comparisons are hardly ever correct. 


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Sure, we might see part slight similarities in between stars from various generations, yet there will never ever be a “next rock Cold” or also a “next man Cena.” 

Just favor there will certainly never be anyone who can follow in the footsteps that Andre the Giant and also The Undertaker together wrestling"s biggest attractions. It merely can’t it is in done. 

The closest point we’ve viewed to Andre is The huge Show, and also Show has garnered a vast fanbase for being a behemoth that is actually pretty an excellent in the ring and can affix with the fans. But in today’s day and age, wrestling fans aren’t together impressed by giant physical specimens as they once where. 

Whereas Andre the huge was a one-of-a-kind star during his heyday, we check out colossal stars come and go from the WWE every the time, and not one of them ever had the fanfare the Andre brought with him to an arena. 

And none ever before will. 

Just like with any kind of sport or any type of entertainment, as soon as the sports evolves and time goes on, people look for different characteristics out the the sport’s top stars. Vice versa, a virtually supernatural-sized guy like Andre to be the primary reason some human being attended agree wrestling events in the 1970s and 1980s, today’s fans are an ext concerned v a wrestler’s an abilities in the ring. 

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Of course, we like to see large guys who don’t look favor anyone we watch in everyday life, however we’re also much more worried around how well a guy deserve to wrestle. Pan didn’t do that v Andre the Giant. 

They didn’t pay to check out him placed on a five-star match, because—and pardon me because that the compare here—Andre the huge was The good Khali of his day: A huge, larger-than-life star who couldn’t yes, really wrestle. 

Fans just liked Andre much more because he came first, he was a much much better wrestler and also did 1,000 times much more for the business, but he still no someone I’d salary to go view today. However, nobody will ever before really compare to Andre since the agree wrestling service is too various nowadays than it was twenty years ago. 

That’s simply as true for The Undertaker. 

The Undertaker debuted in 1990, a time once gimmicks were much an ext common than wrestlers simply playing one amped up variation of us like many do today. The 1980s and also 1990s to be gimmick heaven. 

The 2000s and also today? not so much. 

Outside that The Undertaker and also the freshly masked Kane, most WWE superstars simply play themselves, turned up a notch or two. Gone are the work of gimmicks prefer The Honky Tonk guy or Mankind, i beg your pardon would likely be perceived as also over-the-top or unbelievable in today’s rings world. 

Professional wrestling appears to it is in in in the midst of an era where its stars are much more like you and me—they have normal names, they have straightforward ring attire and they don’t rely on part crazy gimmick to gain themselves over. 

Yet, in ~ the very same time, The Undertaker has managed to save his vast fanbase while keeping his gimmick. I’d argue, though, that that’s due to the fact that he’s been around so long and also fans have grown come appreciate every little thing he’s done for the business. 

Had Taker debuted in 2010 instead of 1990, i’m honestly no so certain he would have succeeded or that he would be practically as renowned as that is. And also I think that’s why you typically don’t see guys with these movie character-type gimmicks anymore. 

Today’s wrestling fans aren’t walking to autumn for a character who sacrifices women on the cross or who leads the ministry of Darkness. It’s simply too unrealistic. 

That’s precisely why, as with with Andre the Giant, ns don’t think we’ll ever before see someone v an aura choose The Undertaker has.