Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is pass a bevy that "Prelims" fights come both UFC fight Pass and also FOX sporting activities 1 this weekend (Sat., June 10, 2017) as soon as UFC hit Night 110: “Lewis vs. Hunt” storms Spark Arena in Auckland, new Zealand. Urbanbreathnyc.com"s Patrick Stumberg proceeds the UFC fight Night 110 "Prelims" party through the second (and final) rate of a two-part undercard preview series below.

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Out through the old, in through the new?

Surging ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight contender, Derrick Lewis, steps into hostile territory this Saturday evening (June 10, 2017) as soon as he bring away on combat sporting activities legend note Hunt inside Spark Arena in Auckland, new Zealand.

UFC fight Night 110 will additionally feature Olympic judoka and also out-of-nowhere Middleweight challenger Dan Kelly versus Derek Brunson, and also Dan Hooker vs. Ross Pearson and also Ion Cutelaba vs. Luis Henrique da Silva.

Of the 10 fights that will air top top FOX sporting activities 1 this weekend, 4 will serve as “Prelims” undercard matches (check out the struggle Pass section here). Right here they are, dissected for your entertainment.

155 lbs.: Damien Brown vs. Vinc Pichel

Damien Brown (17-9) — talk a five-fight win streak — stepped up on short notice to challenge Alan Patrick in his Octagon debut, shedding a decision to the big Brazilian. He’s due to the fact that bounced earlier with a brutal knockout of Cesar Arzamendia and also gritty break-up decision end Jon Tuck, the last in former of a Melbourne crowd.

“Beatdown” has submitted eight opponents and also knocked out one more three.

Vinc Pichel (9-1) — Team Dominick Cruz’s sixth pick top top The can be fried Fighter (TUF) 15 — submitted man Cofer before dropping a majority decision to kris Saunders in the quarterfinals. The hits retained coming in his UFC debut, which experienced him suplexed into oblivion through Rustam Khabilov, but he enters Saturday’s bout top top a two-fight success streak.

This will certainly be his first fight because May 2014.

Boy howdy, perform I love make the efforts to assess fighters coming off of three-year layoffs. Combined martial art (MMA) is not kind to those attempting induction over the food of months, much less years. Well, enough whining.

Pichel isn’t the finishing powerhouse his 7 (technical) knockout wins suggest, yet he’s a solid wrestler v a capable top game. Without significant backslide, that’s sufficient to lug him past Brown, who gutsy as hell but was getting torn personal by Jon Tuck prior to Tuck gassed. Plus, knocking the end Cesar Arzamendia and his terrible, horrible, no good, an extremely bad chin isn’t a substantial accomplishment.

If Pichel deserve to fight because that the complete 15 minutes, he’s acquired this. Indeed, a secure diet of takedowns dead him come his third UFC victory.

Prediction: Pichel via unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Luke Jumeau vs. Dominique Steele

The force has been strong with “The Jedi” Luke Jumeau (11-3) in the last few years, racking up 6 consecutive stoppage wins due to the fact that losses to Jingliang Li and also Jake Matthews. Many recently, he took on another UFC veteran in Vik Grujic and knocked him silly after a tough an initial round.

He owns five wins by knockout and also another 4 by decision.

Despite shedding his last two, Dominique Steele (14-8) has lived approximately his nickname since his UFC debut loss to Zak Cummings. Adhering to a vicious slam knockout of Dong Hyun Kim, “Nonstop Action-Packed” saw war through Danny Roberts and Court McGee in fights that could have easily been scored his way.

His seven stoppage wins are break-up evenly in between knockouts and also submissions.

Jumeau’s gained some seriously heavy hands and also a solid selection of short kicks to ago them up, but he’s therefore flat-footed and prone to kicking without collection up the he’s at risk to gaining taken down quite easily. He managed to survive against Grujic, that came in over six pounds overweight and also didn’t have actually the vapor to keep his attack, but Steele never stops coming and has some nasty slams because that those too slow to gain their hips out of the way.

The big question is whether Steele -- who has been knocked out 4 times — deserve to survive sufficient punishment to carry his wrestling to bear. I say the does! suppose him to exploit Jumeau’s single punches to land counter takedowns and also hang the end in optimal position because that the decision.

Prediction: Steele via unanimous decision

125 lbs.: man Moraga vs. Ashkan Mokhtarian

John Moraga (16-6) — among the very first members the UFC’s Flyweight department — at this time finds self on the an initial multi-fight losing streak of his career. The hasn’t precisely rolled over, though, hanging on versus Joseph Benavidez before tough fights against Matheus Nicolau and Sergio Pettis.

Four of his eight entry wins have actually come by guillotine.

Fighting together high together 150 pounds and also as low together 125, Ashkan Mokhtarian (13-1) has come to be Australia’s top Flyweight during his five-year career. He’s currently riding a six-fight victory streak that includes five finishes and a 27-second head absent knockout in his divisional debut.

He owns six wins by knockout and another 6 by submission.

Mokhtarian and also his crew have actually a decent-sized social media presence. What castle don’t have actually is any complete fight footage from the last 2 years; in fact, the most recent I could find aside from a 50-second clip of ground-and-pound to be his 2015 fight with Honggang Yao, who took that down properly at will before Mokhtarian caught him in a heel hook.

Moraga will never ever touch the location or cracked the seemingly impenetrable Johnson-Benavidez-Cejudo barrier, yet he’s together scrappy and also mean together they come. The pace and ferocity he supplies are no the type of point you want to attend to in your first real world-class fight. The ought to have the wrestling to overwhelm Mokhtarian and — also if the can’t repeatedly hit takedowns — he deserve to do enough damages in transition to get the win.

Prediction: Moraga via unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Kiichi Kunimoto vs. Zak Ottow

Kiichi Kunimoto (18-6-2) has delighted in one of the stranger UFC careers in current memory. After winning his debut because of disqualification, the defied +400 odds to send Daniel Sarafian prior to getting a questionable separation decision end Richard Walsh in Saitama.

This will certainly be his an initial fight due to the fact that losing come Neil Magny in Feb. 2015.

Making both his Lightweight and UFC debut on short notice, Zak Ottow (14-4) came up huge against josh Burkman for his fifth consecutive victory. Returning to Welterweight, he replaced Mike Graves against Sergio Moraes and fought his method to a split decision loss come the grappling ace.

He replace instead instead the hurt Warlley Alves on much less than one month’s notice.

The deciding element here can be size. Ottow has historically contended at Welterweight, but he can make 155 pounds on brief notice. In a complement that will most likely be established by who spends an ext time ~ above top, that might be trouble. Despite Kunimoto no an elite takedown artist, he’s a really persistent one, and also Ottow may not have actually the firepower to store him honest.

Ottow has actually a good defensive guard, keeping Moraes locked up for several minutes. Still, also if Kunimoto can’t get his pass going, he’s great enough to remain on top and also rack increase points. Kunimoto scores enough clinch takedowns to obtain the decision.

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Prediction: Kunimoto via unanimous decision

UFC hit Night 110’s main event may only last 30seconds, but it’ll be a fun 30 seconds. Check out you Saturday, Maniacs!

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