At UFC 207, Cody Garbrandt not only talked the talk, however he walked the walk to the track of a unanimous-decision success over Dominick Cruz in the co-main occasion to end up being the new champion the the UFC"s bantamweight division.

Fox sports tweeted the end the last scorecards:


#UFC207 main Results: Cody Garbrandt def. Dominick Cruz (48-46, 48-47, 48-46) through unanimous decision #AndNew

The opened round of the bout definitely set the tone because that a fun fight. Garbrandt, who did lot of to display his disdain because that the champion in the buildup to the fight, appeared loosened and all set to present his best stuff in the spotlight. 

His to trust and capacity to land some slick boxing was sufficient for MMA Fighting"s Ariel Helwani to award him the an initial round:


10-9 Garbrandt ~ 1. An absolute riveting first round. Garbrandt confident and also calm. Crowd behind him too.

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That ton would proceed in the second round, as both fighters were willing to interact in exchanges and were landing heavy shots in ~ times. Ultimately, it was a knockdown indigenous Cruz the swung the score for Lance Pugmire of the Los Angeles Times:


Garbrandt got much better as the second continued, however early knockdown by Cruz gives him the round. 19-19.


Despite the potentially lost round because that Garbrandt, he came out in the 3rd round through even more poise and confidence. He began to land heavier shots with much more regularity while obviously emotion comfortable sufficient to taunt Cruz after practically every exchange. 

Garbrandt score a knockdown of his very own with a enormous left had actually in the third frame, via the UFC:

In the fourth round, it became abundantly clear this would certainly be a masterclass power for the young challenger. No Love became even more complicated for Cruz come find, and also Garbrandt started knocking down the champion top top a much more regular basis. 

Helwani once again praised Garbrandt"s skills and his performance in its entirety as he went into the 5th round v an insurmountable command on the scorecards:


Cody's hand speed and also head motion is on an additional level tonight. A virtuoso performance.

No Love didn"t necessarily look to finish the hit in the fifth round, but he ongoing to placed on the finishing touches of a fight the could and also should start him right into stardom, as provided by Brett Okamoto of


Cody Garbrandt is walking to be the brand-new bantamweight champion and also possibly the UFC's following breakout star.

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The buildup to this location fight was marked with lot of of garbage talk between the Alpha male product and the now previous champion. Garbrandt wasn"t shy around goading Cruz into a fight regardless of Garbrandt"s lack of experience.

But after ~ the post-fight interviews, the social media beef and multiple on-camera run-ins, Garbrandt made great on his talk v a brilliant performance that now sees the belt approximately his waist. It"s a hit that will certainly assuredly start No Love right into the spotlight, however that"s a ar the new champ says he feeling comfortable. 

“I to be born because that this,” Garbrandt said, every Adam Hill the the Las las vegas Review-Journal. “I feel the larger the stage, the pressure starts to acquire to others and they crumble. Ns feel choose this is where I bright the brightest and also perform the best.”

Garbrandt is now the king of a department that will certainly put his an abilities to the test. The department hasn"t seen lot turnover v the belt. Cruz lugged the title end from the WEC when the company became took in by the UFC. Just Renan Barao and T.J. Dillashaw held the title in between Cruz"s reigns v the belt. 

Now, the title belongs come Garbrandt, who has actually star potential if he have the right to keep racking up the wins against the likes of Cruz. 

The 25-year-old absolutely knows how to construct up a fight. The animosity in between Garbrandt and also Cruz no doubt played a function in the Team Alpha masculine product obtaining a shot at the title end the likes of Dillashaw, man Lineker or Jimmie Rivera. 

Now he"ll get to take those marketing skills to the next level of champion. 

A potential matchup with former teammate Dillashaw can be in the functions after his UFC 207 success over Lineker.