A couple of times transparent Pulp Fiction, Vincent Vega (John Travolta) wears a UC Santa Cruz shirt. The t-shirt features the university’s colors and their mascot, the banana slug. The fact that the banana cheese is in reality a school’s mascot is cool enough in itself, but include in the truth the shirt to be worn in an impressive film favor Pulp Fiction just makes all that lot cooler.

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In Pulp Fiction, you deserve to see Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) put on a blue Krazy Kat t-shirt in the bar scene as soon as he and...

Bad mom Fucker Wallet

Everyone’s a mom fucker in ~ some point in their lives; occasionally literally, occasionally metaphorically. Friend can...

Pulp Fiction Zed Keychain

In Pulp Fiction, the security guard and rapist Zed had actually a keychain v a zed top top it. Because that those of you located in the U.S....

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This t-shirt claims “Summer Time Utah.” It’s not the most exciting t-shirt, but due to the fact that we were...