Any offense run by mountain Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers will check out a heavy dose the the pass game. Because that fantasy football owners, that way any the his receiving alternatives could be considered for feasible starts or pickups in the comes weeks.

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Here is what fantasy owners need to take far from Thursday"s matchup against the Denver Broncos concerning San Diego wide receivers Travis Benjamin and also Tyrell Williams and also tight finish Hunter Henry:

Chargers Pass-Catchers on Thursday
Hunter Henry86831
Tyrell Williams33280
Travis Benjamin53170

Hunter Henry

Entering mainly 6, Henry had actually only 18 targets, which to be tied for 4th on the team v running back Melvin Gordon. The rookie out of Arkansas captured 13 of those targets for 227 yards and also a touchdown.

While that didn"t obtain the most looks, he made castle count through an average of 17.5 yards every reception.

On Thursday, Rivers looked in ~ Henry early and often, throw his means eight times and hooking up through him in the finish zone, as the NFL showed:


With the 38-year-old Antonio Gates absent time this season, Henry has been the next man up. If Thursday night proved anything, it"s the Rivers has actually some solid chemistry v the young tight end.

Henry is owned in simply 49.9 percent of fantasy leagues, which means he can be a quite pickup for fantasy owners looking for aid at tight end.

Tyrell Williams

After appearing in just 4 games throughout his 2015 rookie year, Williams has actually come from the end of i do not have anything to come to be San Diego"s No. 2 recipient this season.

While his 34 targets and also 21 receptions were 2nd on the team beginning Thursday night, Williams has been inconsistent because that fantasy owners.

He"s coming off a 17-point power in main 5 versus the Oakland Raiders, yet Williams fell quick of the eight-point note for the 4th time this season Thursday.

That feast-or-famine trend makes him too much of a danger for numerous fantasy owners to placed him in their beginning lineups. If there is a an ext consistent player on your bench, it could be best to go v him instead of Williams.

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Travis Benjamin

San Diego"s No. 1 receiver go not have actually a an excellent Thursday night. With simply three receptions and also a lost fumble, Benjamin"s fantasy output was worked out in the negatives.