Two-item shaft collars offer the very same benefits as the one-item style through additional adaptability and also convenience. The break-up design is quickly set up and also disassembled, reducing labor and also downtime once adjustment, removal, or replacement is important. The two-item shaft collar supplies the complete seating torque of its forged screws to apply a unicreate circulation of pressures roughly the shaft"s circumference. These clamping forces carry out the collar via a holding power premium to one-piece and also collection screw shaft collars. also keeps both halves of the split collar together throughout the manufacturing process to assure a perfect match for correct fit, alignment, and holding power. This process likewise renders the two-item collar more adaptable to shafts which differ a little amount from nominal size. also manufactures two-item clamp shaft collars in 1215 lead-cost-free steel with a zinc or proprietary babsence oxide end up, 303 and also 316 stainless steel, high-strength 2024 aluminum with or without an anodize complete, titanium, and engineered plastic.Bore sizes range from 1/8" to 6" and 3mm to 150mm.

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Does not mar the shaftSuperior fit, finish and also holding powerRoHS3 and also REACH CompliantWidth tolerance: +.003”/-.010”Bore tolerance: +.002”/+.0005”Temperature Range (Deg. F)
Steel:-40° to 350°
Zinc Plated Steel:-40° to 350°
Aluminum:-40° to 225°
Stainless:-40° to 350°
Plastic:-10° to 185°

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Part numbers are in the adhering to format through numbers representing sixteenths of an inch or millimeters:



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Part number Material Bore (B) Outer Diameter (OD) Width (W)
MSP-3-A Aluminum 3 mm 16 mm 9 mm
MSP-4-A Aluminum 4 mm 16 mm 9 mm
MSP-5-A Aluminum 5 mm 16 mm 9 mm
MSP-6-A Aluminum 6 mm 16 mm 9 mm
MSP-7-A Aluminum 7 mm 18 mm 9 mm
MSP-8-A Aluminum 8 mm 18 mm 9 mm
MSP-9-A Aluminum 9 mm 24 mm 9 mm
MSP-10-A Aluminum 10 mm 24 mm 9 mm
MSP-11-A Aluminum 11 mm 28 mm 11 mm
MSP-12-A Aluminum 12 mm 28 mm 11 mm
MSP-13-A Aluminum 13 mm 30 mm 11 mm
MSP-14-A Aluminum 14 mm 30 mm 11 mm