Two-piece pillar collars market the exact same benefits together the one-piece format with extr versatility and also convenience. The split style is easily installed and disassembled, to reduce labor and also downtime once adjustment, removal, or instead of is necessary. The two-piece obelisk collar uses the full seating talk of that forged screws to use a uniform circulation of forces about the shaft"s circumference. This clamping forces provide the collar with a stop power superior to one-piece and set screw column collars. keeps both halves that the split collar together throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee a perfect match for proper fit, alignment, and holding power. This process also provides the two-piece collar an ext adaptable to shafts which vary a small amount native nominal size. manufactures two-piece clamp obelisk collars in 1215 lead-free steel v a zinc or proprietary black color oxide finish, 303 and also 316 stainless steel, high-strength 2024 aluminum through or without an anodize finish, titanium, and also engineered plastic.Bore sizes variety from 1/8" come 6" and 3mm come 150mm.

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Does not mar the shaftSuperior fit, finish and also holding powerRoHS3 and REACH CompliantWidth tolerance: +.003”/-.010”Bore tolerance: +.002”/+.0005”Temperature range (Deg. F)
Steel:-40° to 350°
Zinc Plated Steel:-40° to 350°
Aluminum:-40° come 225°
Stainless:-40° come 350°
Plastic:-10° come 185°

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Part numbers space in the following format through numbers representing sixteenths of an inch or millimeters:



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kind by place Product name Bore (B) small Bore (B2) bore (B1) set Ascending Direction collection Descending Direction

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component number product Bore (B) outer Diameter (OD) width (W)
MSP-3-A Aluminum 3 mm 16 mm 9 mm
MSP-4-A Aluminum 4 mm 16 mm 9 mm
MSP-5-A Aluminum 5 mm 16 mm 9 mm
MSP-6-A Aluminum 6 mm 16 mm 9 mm
MSP-7-A Aluminum 7 mm 18 mm 9 mm
MSP-8-A Aluminum 8 mm 18 mm 9 mm
MSP-9-A Aluminum 9 mm 24 mm 9 mm
MSP-10-A Aluminum 10 mm 24 mm 9 mm
MSP-11-A Aluminum 11 mm 28 mm 11 mm
MSP-12-A Aluminum 12 mm 28 mm 11 mm
MSP-13-A Aluminum 13 mm 30 mm 11 mm
MSP-14-A Aluminum 14 mm 30 mm 11 mm