List this from smallest margin of error to biggest margin the error a) A 99% trust interval with a sample size of 50.b) A 99% confidence interval with a sample size of 25.c) A 90 % trust interval with a sample size of 50.d) A 95% to trust interval with a sample dimension of 50.

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True. By definition, an essential values zc room such the 100c% that the area under the traditional normal curve falls in between -zc and zc.
True or false? The point estimate because that the populace mean μ the an circulation is x, computed from a arbitrarily sample the the x distribution.
True. The typical of the circulation equals the typical of the x distribution and the conventional error of the circulation decreases as n increases.
True or false? consider a random sample of size n indigenous an x distribution. Because that such a sample, the margin the error for estimating μ is the magnitude of the distinction between and also μ.
True or false? Every random sample the the very same size native a given population will create exactly the exact same confidence interval because that μ.
False. Different random samples may create different values, result in different confidence intervals.
False. Together the sample size increases, the maximal error decreases, bring about a much shorter confidence interval.
True or false? If the initial x circulation has a reasonably small conventional deviation, the confidence interval for μ will be reasonably short.
True or false? If the sample average of a random sample indigenous an x distribution is fairly small, then the trust interval because that μ will certainly be relatively short.
False. The maximal error of estimate controls the length of the trust interval regardless of the worth of .
True or false? If the sample median of a random sample native an x circulation is relatively small, once the confidence level c is reduced, the to trust interval for μ becomes shorter.
Sam computed a 95% confidence interval for μ from a details random sample. His confidence interval to be 10.1
Either μ is in the expression or it is not. Therefore, the probability that μ is in this expression is 0 or 1.
Sam computed a 90% trust interval because that μ indigenous a specific random sample of size n. He insurance claims that at the 90% trust level, his trust interval includes μ. Is this claim correct? Explain.

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Yes. The relationship of every confidence intervals based upon random samples of size n the contain μ is 0.90.

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