There space seven feasible boys you deserve to marry if you space playing together the girl farmer. Nobody of the boys will work on your farm or bring home any kind of income, so over there isn"t a boy that is better to marry end another; pick the boy that you choose best.

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The boys will certainly unlock as you continue through the game:

Wayne shows up on feather 2 that your first year.Ford unlocks on spring 6 once you walk right into North Westown.Ludus appears on spring 15 when Lulukoko town unlocks.Hinata will be introduced to friend by Ginjiro top top Summer 5.Yuzuki move in come his grandparents" home on Summer 26.Inari wakes up from a lengthy slumber on loss 1.Woofio appears after Summer 13 if you download the optional DLC and have participated in an animal contest the judges.

Listed listed below are some simple gift pointer you can offer to raise your friendship v these villagers.

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Birthday: feather 23

Wrapping: Cool Paper, Classy Cloth, Cool Box

Special +1000 FP gift: café Mocha (any milk + Cocoa pack + Coffee Pack. Recipe because that sale in ~ Garden Grill once Westown is Town connect Rank C)

Loved +500 FP gifts: Herb Cheese, Springtime March, Pure Love Serenade, baked Cheese, Almond Cookies, coco Cookies, Coffee, Iced Cocoa, Cappucino

Liked +300 FP gifts: herbs (Aloe, Basil, Chamomile, Sage, etc.), Ginger, wild flowers (Calla Lily, Hydrangea, Pink Lupine, etc.), other flower bouquets, other flowers you prosper on your farm (Dahlia, Gerbera Daisy, Snowdrop, etc.), Lychee, cheese, coins, Coffee Pack, Cinnamon

HORROR -1000 FP gift: Coconut Milk

Wayne"s Love Events



Birthday: Winter 20

Wrapping: an easy Paper, plain Cloth, simple Box

Special +1000 FP gift: Pistou Soup (Soybean + Carrot + potato + Onion + Flour. Recipe because that sale at Garden Grill when Westown is Town connect Rank A)

Love +500 FP gifts: herbs (Aloe, Chamomile, Thyme, etc.), Carrot, eco-friendly Pepper, Spinach, Banana, blended Salad, Summer Veggie Salad, Bagna Cauda,Vegetable Etuver, Pot-Au-Feu, Coffee, Grass Drink

Liked +300 FP gifts: Ginger, flowering Fern, Mugwort, giant Butterbur, plants (Turnip, Pumpkin, Onion, Burdock Root, Sweet Potato, etc.), eggs, milk, Aloe Yogurt, White noodle Cloth, Carrot Soup, Gazpacho, Stew, Carrot Juice, Tomato Juice, Cappucino, eco-friendly Tea

HORROR -1000 FP gift: Youkan

Ford"s Love Events



Birthday: feather 12

Wrapping: Cool Paper, Classy Cloth, Cool Box

Special +1000 FP gift: Deep-Fried Fish Cakes (fish + Chili Pepper + Oil. Recipe because that sale at Carosello once Lulukoko is Town connect Rank B)

Love +500 FP gifts: Banana, branches (Pine Branch, Maple Branch, Branch, Twig, etc.), Bamboo, little Lumber, Lumber, black color Lumber, Blue Quill, purple Quill, Wasabi Octopus, Banana ice cream Cream, Banana Au Lait

Liked +300 FP gifts: fish bait, Rock, black Rock, Stone, black color Stone, coins, Red Quill, Yellow Quill, Orange Quill, environment-friendly Quill, pet fur (Wool, rabbit Fur, Suffolk Wool, Apaca Wool, etc.), blue or green cloth (Blue cotton Cloth, green Flax Thread, Blue Cloth, environment-friendly Rabbit Cloth, etc.), Spice

HORROR -1000 FP gift: Sea Urchin

Ludus" Love Events



Birthday: Summer 11

Wrapping: Retro Paper, Stylish Cloth, Retro Box

Special +1000 FP gift: Tofu citizens (Tofu + egg + Flour. Recipe because that sale at Tea-ful Reunion once Tsuyukusa is Town link Rank C).

Love +500 FP gifts: Matsutake, Sashimi, Oden, Houtou, Mushroom Rice, White Rice, Eggs over Rice, Mitarashi Dumplings, Anpan Sweet Roll, Daifuku, Dorayaki

Liked +300 FP gifts: Honey, Strawberry, tree fruit, roses, Sunflower, Coral, Aloe, Vanilla, Avocado, Triton"s Trumpet, Venux Comb Murex, Red Quill, Orange Quill, Yellow Quill, pearls, Mithril, Platinum, Orichalcum, Admantite, Aloe Yogurt, Grilled Fish, Castella, green Tea

HORROR -1000 FP gift: Coleslaw

Hinata"s Love Events



Birthday: fall 7

Wrapping: basic Paper, plain Cloth, an easy Box

Special +1000 FP gifts: Yomogi Dumplings (Sticky Rice + Adzuki bean + Mugwort. Recipe for sale at Tea-ful Reunion when Tsuyukusa is Town attach Rank C)

Love +500 FP gifts: Mugwort, Cherry, Chestnut Rice, Anpan Sweet Roll, Millet Dumplings, Monaka, Daifuku,Youkan, Strawberry shaved Ice, Castella

Liked +300 FP gifts: Kiwi, Strawberry, honey, Maple Syrup, Chrysanthemum, Pink Carnation, green towel (Green Cloth, green Cotton Cloth, green Alpaca Cloth, etc.), Yogurt, Apricot, Bamboo, branches (except because that Twigs), great Butterbur, Agate, Crystal, Jade, Fluorite, Mithril, Candied Sweet Potato, Pudding

HORROR -1000 FP gift: Coffee

Yuzuki"s Love Events



Birthday: autumn 14

Wrapping: Retro Paper, Stylish Cloth, Retro Box

Special +1000 FP gift: Inari episode (Rice + Tofu + Vinegar. Recipe for sale in ~ Tea-ful Reunion once Tsuyukusa is Town attach Rank B)

Love +500 FP gifts: Soybeans, sticky Rice (cut), Rice (cut), Adzuki Beans, three Fried Egg, Millet Dumplings, Youkan, Monaka, Yomogi Dumplings, Mitarashi Dumplings

Liked +300 FP gifts: Tea Leaves, farm-grown flower (Dahlia, Carnation, Pulmeria, etc.), Matsutake, Shiitake, Shimeji, Almond, cotton and linen towel (Red cotton Cloth, eco-friendly Linen Cloth, etc.), soy Milk, Miso, soybean beans Sauce, Tofu, Fried Egg, Turnip Soup, Mushroom Rice, Chesnut Rice, Grilled fish, Boiled Egg

HORROR -1000 FP gift: Kimchi

Inari"s Love Events



Birthday: Summer 24

Wrapping: Retro Paper, Stylish Cloth, Retro Box

Special +1000 FP gift: Smoothie (fruit + yogurt + milk. Recipe for sale at Carosello when Lulukoko is Town attach Rank A, or ~ shipping 100 cooked dishes come Lulukoko)

Love +500 FP gifts: plus-quality dairy product (Cheese +, Jersey Butter +, Yogurt +, etc.)

Liked +300 FP gift: plus-quality eggs, plus-quality wool, tree fruit (Banana, Kiwi, Peach, etc.), Melon, Pineapple, Watermelon, Shiso, Sweet Potato, coin, Snowball, branches (Twig, pine tree Branch, Maidenhair Branch, etc.), Cat Bell, Dog Bone, colored quills, Venus Comb Murex, Pumpkin Salad, hot Milk, Candied Sweet Potato