L> #0 -- "Tommy Pickles and also the an excellent White Thing" Tommy Pickles and the an excellent White ThingCompiled by Steve Mindykowski. As the opening credits roll, we are looking at the door the the bathroom.After the credits finish, an eight reaches over and also opens the door. The camerapans throughout the bathroom. We view Grandpa dry his hands v towels. Camerapans back throughout bathroom, but stops in ~ the toilet. Us then look in ~ Tommy"s eyes, climate pull back real easily to show thathe is looking in ~ the toilet, which is tho in the procedure of flushing.Tommy crawls in the direction of the toilet. As he"s around to touch it, Grandpa pickshim up.Grandpa: hold on there, tiny fella! This is no ar foryou!Grandpa tote Tommy the end of the bathroom and also into the kitchen, whereStu, Didi and also two guests were talk over dinner.Stu: (off camera, come guests) I number another couple of monthsuntil Tommy beginning talking...Grandpa: Hey, Stu, I discovered your boy about to walk sage bellyin the water closet.Stu: Oh, many thanks pop.Cut to playpen in the life room.Stu: (off camera, come Grandpa) Just set Tommy down withPhil & Lil.Grandpa to adjust Tommy down in the playpen, next to Phil & Lil. Tommycrawls come his star ball, then rolls top top it, jingling together he goes.Grandpa goes earlier to the kitchen. Once he"s out of earshot. Tommy startstalking to Phil & Lil.Tommy: Hey, guess what just happened? ns heard this noise fromGrandpa"s stinking room, so i snuck in there, and also you know what ns saw.Phil & Lil: What?Tommy: There"s this big, white point in there!Phil & Lil: What is it?Tommy: i don"t know, however it burped at me.Phil: Oh, is the the thing I witnessed the dog drinking the end of?I thought it to be a big water dish.Tommy: ns don"t know.Lil: ns think it"s a fish bowl.Phil: A fish bowl? There"s no fish in that thing, Lilian!Lil: I observed something swimming about in there, Phillip!Tommy: i think... It"s alive.Phil & Lil looked a little puzzled.Tommy: like first, maybe as soon as it was burping, it to be tryingto speak to me. Tonight, I"m going come go ago in there.Fade come black.Fade come the home exterior at nighttime.Cut come Tommy"s crib. Tommy is every tucked in, in his crib, when Stu andDidi obtain him ready for bed.Didi: Sleep tight, sweetie.Didi kisses Tommy.Stu: Goodnight, champ.Didi gives Tommy his bottle. Together Tommy suck on it, Didi imitates the suckinga small bit, then makes a confront at Tommy. Stu starts the musical mobile thathangs end Tommys crib. Stu & Didi, then, leave. Tommy close the door his eyesas Didi return to the crib. Didi: (voice only, whispering) i think he"s asleep.Stu: (voice only) Yeah.Didi: (voice only, whispering) Come on, let"s go.Stu: (voice only) Okay.While Tommy"s eyes are still closed, they leave, closeup of the door the door behindthem.Shortly afterward, he opens his eyes, noticing that they"re gone, andthe room is dark. Tommy stops the mobile. That grabs his screwdriver, whichwas surprise underneath his teddy bear. He uses it to open up the latch come hiscrib, and also after the crib opens, that climbs out. He opens up the door, and also walksslowly come the bathroom. As soon as he obtained there, he opened the bathroom door, and also saw the toilet witha sense of awe. He walks gradually to the toilet; as soon as he got there, that knockedon the bowl.Tommy: Is everyone home?No answer, that course, Then, Tommy notices the toilet"s silver- handle,the flusher. Tommg goes to the toilet plunger and also climbs increase on its handle.He jumps on come the seat, and also sees a reflection of himself. That screams. Sothat the won"t fall in, the grabs the flusher, which reasons the toilet to flush.Still scared, he grabs the towels, which he untittingly flushes down thetoilet. He, then, soil on a an installed roll that toilet paper, which unravelsas he runs on it. Then, that grabs the plunger handle and jumps to the sink,where he turns on the faucet, frighten him. Then he leaned top top the plungerback in the direction of the toilet, whereby he obtained his head spanned in toilet paper. Atthis point, the restroom is overflowing. He then climbs ago onto the sink,grabbing ~ above a pipe of toothpaste; its cap pops off, riccocheting off a walland hitting a container of bubble bath, which falls into the to fill sink.As a result, bubbles are made. The toothpaste falls off the counter, spillingits materials onto the floor.Spike, then, waltzes in. Tommy jumps ~ above Spike"s back. Spike bring away a quickdrink out of the overflowed toilet before they leave.Cut come a darkened living room, wherein Grandpa is city hall a fishing program.Tommy, plunger in hand, rides Spike into the life room. Castle sit next toGrandpa, who then scratches Spike"s head.Cut earlier to the TV, wherein the fishing display breaks for a chickencommercial.Chareen: (on TV) Hi, I"m Chareen for Squeaky ChickenRestaurants.Cut earlier to Grandpa, who gets up from his chair to, shall us say, "takecare of an individual business".Chareen: (voice only, top top TV) desire to recognize what us gotin store for you? Our new Chicken Half-Pounder!Grandpa: Well, nature beckons.Chareen: (voice only, ~ above TV) The other males only giveyou a third of a pound in your chicken sandwich, and, yeech, that"s withoutSqueaky"s special sauce. So come on in now and shot our brand-new Chicken Half-Pounder!It"s more chickenny! and for a restricted time only...As the commercial continues above, Tommy place the spent toilet file andthe plunger aside. Grandpa, meanwhile, offstage, it s okay a surprise of hislife.Grandpa: (voice only) Jumpin" Jehpusaphat! Stu! Didi!Call the plumber quick!Stu and also Didi groan.Didi: (voice only) Oh, look in ~ that.Stu: (voice only) What is it? Where"s it comes from?Didi: (voice only) Oh, my God!As the grown-ups moan, groan and panic end the huge mess in the bathroom,Tommy switches channels, indigenous the commercial (where Chareen was holding whatseems to it is in a gallon-sized spring drink), to a rock music program.

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Tommyand Spike sway to the music as the camera pulls away from the TV.The grown-ups proceed to bicker as the credits fade up.The end Compilation ©2001 Steve Mindykowski.Quotes ©1991 Viacom. back To key Transcript web page back to main Rugrats page