3) The relationship in between the map distance and also the equivalent distance ~ above the ground is known as the ________.

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11) The scale of \"an customs on the map represents two miles on the surface ar of the Earth\" would certainly be CLOSEST to which representative fraction?
16) many of the maps attracted on ________ projections are for an optimal portrayal of an international distributions.
17) You great to navigate her yacht native Europe to the unified States. Which kind of map projection would be most useful?
25) The properties of projections i m sorry portray precise sizes yet distort the shapes of soil masses is dubbed ________.
29) In the Mercator projection, which item of the earth is portrayed ridiculously huge in comparison come its actual size?
36) If one wished to create a map which concentrated on the continents and also showed little of the world\"s oceans, climate she/he must use a(n) ________ projection.
49) i beg your pardon of the following is the acronym because that the device of U.S. Room of Defense satellites i m sorry are provided to develop exact locations on Earth?
55) for the geographer, the new mapping tools favor remote sensing, GPS, and also GIS are ideal viewed as ________.
60) In ________ movie photography, the photographic film is sensitive to wavelengths much longer than visible light.
61) The form of remote sensing which penetrates clouds in ~ night for accurate terrain depiction is ________.
65) beside from typical photographic film, ________ film has proven very valuable for translate of planet resources native airborne cameras.
66) ~ above which form of aerial imagery would certainly a football field of synthetic grass be discernible from herbal grass?
69) i beg your pardon of the adhering to bands are NOT offered by the Earth-sensing satellites stated in the text?
72) The significant advantage that orthophotos as contrasted to consistent vertical waiting photographs is the ________.
80) ________ room multicolored, distortion-free photographic photo maps. Displacements caused by camera tilt or differences in terrain elevations have actually been removed.
86) The most important planet resources satellite series was started in the 1970s and is recognized as ________.
87) Satellite data space analyzed in individual pieces representing numerous to numerous meters ~ above the Earth\"s surface. These piece are recognized as ________.

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103) which of the following would be used for overlay map analysis where 2 or an ext map layers are superimposed or integrated?
104) geographical information system modern technology is a direct result of advancements in all other than ________.
105) which of the following would it is in a type of applications in i beg your pardon a geographic information mechanism would no be used?
106) i m sorry of the following options represents a an innovation into i m sorry the other options can be used as inputs?