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The display may have actually finished in 2007, but human being digital are sharing their experiences of seeing someone you understand on an episode of To Record a Predator.

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Chris Hansen hosted the sting-procedure series between 2004-2007. Episodes saw guys arrive at a house under the impression they were meeting an underage girl or boy they had spoken to virtual. Rigged with camperiods, the decoy would certainly host the man for simply a while, prior to Hansen showed up to face them.

Yesterday, June 7, a Reddit user required to the "Ask Reddit" subreddit to uncover out even more about those who knew someone on it. "Redditors who kbrand-new males caught on To Catch a Predator prior to the display, what were they like?" they asked.

In the day because it was mutual, the article has actually obtained over 8,000 comments and also 47,000 votes.

"My husband also worked through, and also was good friends through, one of the men on the initially ever before episode. We were all in our late 20s, he was a very educated, well-chosen male. He was nice, funny as hell. We were all shocked. He obtained busted trying to sleep with a 12 or 14-year-old girl. He obtained a good lawyer and so To Catch a Predator didn"t show the video of him acquiring busted, only a photo that he shared in the chat through that he believed was the young girl. We read the chat log between him and the "girl". It was disgusting. He called my husband one time after the show aired to say, "this was the first time he did anypoint favor this and also he gained recorded up in the taboo nature of it." Never before spoke to him aget," alleged one Reddit user.

"My husband and also I realized after the show aired in the loss that we witnessed him the day after he obtained busted. We accidentally ran right into him, and acquired a drink to chat for a bit. When we parted I especially remember asking my husband also if he believed he was behaving strangely. He was super jumpy, not choose himself at all. It is strange to realize he continued to occupational and also hang out via my husband and also our friends for the months in between acquiring busted and also the present going on air," they included.

Anvarious other Reddit user common her suffer of understanding someone on the present, writing: "Yes. He was creepy and preserved trying to obtain me to go to Burning Man. When I told him I didn"t think that was a good idea because I had a 10-year-old kid at the moment, he shelp I must bring my kid. Now I don"t think he was interested in my boy at all but I did tell him I thought that it would be super creepy to carry my child to Burning Man through a bunch of people on E. This remained in 2001. He came over to my home under the guise of talking organization and then put the moves on me. I turned him dvery own and sent him house to his wife."

Although this Reddit user didn"t recognize him before, they common their suffer of realizing a classmate had actually been stung on the display. "For a lengthy time I didn"t know anything about him, and also I was decently friendly through him because he was an older man struggling to learn autoCAD and also I was the just one who assisted him. One day, some other men in the course googled him and also that"s once we found out. He was odd, however not creepy," they wrote.

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"His episode was pretty standard: a girl on the phone pretended she was a kid and arranged a meeting and also they busted him. Although, his episode was absolutely hilarious bereason in the time of the phone call he couldn"t hear anypoint the girl was saying and asked her to repeat herself more than likely a hundred times. He was going via his residence and also turning off everything that made a noise, all while trying to talk dirty. His conversation was hilarious. People also made a soundboard of his conversation and prank called people via it," they continued.

"Didn"t actually know the male," added one more Reddit user. "But one male confirmed approximately the sting in a company semi truck, it"s blurred out in the episode. I went to job-related for them a few years after the episode. Throughout orientation they provided us a list of "points that will certainly cause prompt termicountry." Things favor "Driving under the influence, failing a drug display screen and impromptu meetings through Chris Hansen," "


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