SANTA BARBARA, Cali. & DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TNCI operating Company, LLC, a nationwide voice, data and cloud services provider, and influence Telecom, a top provider the voice and also messaging services to businesses, consumers and carriers, room pleased to announce a definitive covenant to merge companies. The newly formed organization, under the brand influence Telecom, will carry out innovative cloud and also voice telecommunications solutions to businesses and consumers in the unified States and Canada and wholesale carrier customers approximately the world.

Commenting on the merger, President and also CEO of influence Telecom, Bob Beaty said, “There space compelling advantages to authorized forces, such together combining Impact’s nationwide feature Group D network v TNCI’s accessibility network, producing an framework to support and grow ours unified interactions platform, including cloud-based voice, SMS, toll free, local and long street services. Both organizations have deep suffer in seamlessly integrating businesses along with track records of expansion through strategy initiatives. I’m excited about the toughness of the brand-new organization.”

Laura Thomas, CEO of TNCI, also offered worship for the plan, “Together, TNCI and impact Telecom will boost our competitiveness through increased operational efficiency, an ext robust organization offerings, and also our solid customer commitment. The brand-new Impact Telecom will invest in platforms which provide our company customers more ways come connect and also collaborate with their very own customers and partners.”

cutting board will come to be Chairman the the plank of director of the new company and Beaty will proceed as CEO. The transaction is intended to close in January 2016 and also is topic to approvals indigenous the FCC and also applicable state regulatory authorities.

around TNCI

TNCI Operating agency is a leading national telecommunications provider devoted in voice, data and also cloud solutions. Ours proven ability to help customers navigate a shifting and oftentimes chaotic sector presents unique methods for our customers to compete and also win. Applying creativity to the complexities the telecommunications, TNCI it is provided custom options to multi-location client nationwide. Team TNCI’s extensive industry experience offers an unsurpassed level the provisioning, client service and support. For an ext information visit

About impact Telecom

influence Telecom delivers efficient telecommunications services to businesses and also consumers in the US and also Canada and carriers around the world. V a emphasis on offering progressive cloud-based unified communications services to organization customers, impact Telecom’s product portfolio includes a variety of flexible, portable and also easy-to-use voice and messaging services. Our core infrastructure, i m sorry carries billions that minutes and messages every month, functions a state-of-the-art course IV and also V allowed VoIP network as well as one of the largest implementations of one IP-based network associated to a nationwide function Group D (FGD) network.

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