Faith Hill and also Tim McGraw perform in brand-new York"s Radio City Music Hall throughout the Fashion Rocks concert Thursday, Sept. 7, 2006. (AP Photo/Jeff Christensen)


The critical time I saw Tim McGraw and also Faith Hill do together, they play the Savvis Center and he joked around wanting to acquire fat and go fishing. That remained in 2006. 

When ns hear lock Thursday night, it will certainly be in ~ the same venue, various name in Scottrade Center and also country fans recognize that the now famously right McGraw is not likely to joke around his weight.

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Otherwise, fans could expect a pretty comparable show, at the very least from Hill. She"s to be pretty quiet top top the music former in recent years as she focused on family and the couple"s 3 daughters. McGraw has kept increase a busy recording and also touring schedule.

But the 2 of them touring with each other for the an initial time since 2006 v the Soul2Soul people Tour will be a welcome sight and also sound because that fans who have missed Hill, that was a superstar in her very own right.

That show 11 years ago opened with a duet, then each singer took an hourlong turn (Hill, followed by McGraw) lock closed as they opened - together - and to a large ovation. It would certainly not surprised me if they did the same Thursday night.

Reviews from the first few stops ~ above the tourism have called it polished, professional and also fitting for nation music royalty. 

Music fans are (mostly) lucky to live near St. Louis, which generally gets the large tour stops and plenty that the not-as-big stops at venues favor The Pageant, Delmar Hall, turn off Broadway and also the Old rock House.

But part acts don"t do stops here, or fans desire to capture them more often than once each year or two. For this reason tell me, how far are you willing to drive to listen the music friend prefer?

Last year, ns made the trek come Cape Girardeau to hear the Turnpike Troubadours and Jason Boland and the Stragglers. It was Springfield, Ill., because that the same bands, different dates. 2 years earlier, it to be Zalma, Mo., -- i beg your pardon I would certainly wager most of you have never heard of. And also last summer it to be a three-day trip to Tahlequah, Okla., because that a red dirt festival dubbed Medicine Stone.

I"m most likely headed come Sikeston top top Saturday for a Reckless Kelly show, and also I"ll hear Brandy Clark play Denver following month, although that"s additionally packaged in through a family members visit, too. (Don"t worry, she"s playing St. Louis in June.) 

The summer nation concerts in ~ Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre don"t obtain started till June 3 with Luke Bryan, yet there"s plenty of music at other venues.

Eric Church theatre the Scottrade facility on might 13 - and also he"s doing two sets himself v no opened act. 

At turn off Broadway, Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives play on may 11 v Stoney Larue law a rescheduled show on might 13.




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The present was a prevent on his “Crème de la Crème Tour,” a far cry native his barely-attended Firebird concert in 2018.