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The story starts on the an initial day of the vacation of a young English boy and his mom in one undisclosed location, but probably either in France or phibìc Africa. As they walk under to the "safe" beach whereby they always go, Jerry looks longingly at a more "wild" beach...

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The story starts on the very first day that the holiday of a young English boy and his mommy in one undisclosed location, yet probably either in France or phibìc Africa. As they walk down to the "safe" beach whereby they constantly go, Jerry look at longingly at a much more "wild" beach where he would prefer to play. However, due to the fact that he does not desire to uncomfortable his mother, that is a widow and also has functioned hard to try to advanced Jerry by herself, that goes v her. The following morning however, he asks come go under to the wild, rocky beach and also is provided permission. The mom goes away to her beach worrying about whether she is being a good parent and also getting the balance right between protectiveness and independence.

When Jerry come at the wild beach, he goes because that a swim and also is able to check out his mommy on she beach from afar. He notices some regional boys top top a promontory over him and also they wave at every other. They dive in to the sea in turn and Jerry is impressed by them. Eventually, the boys dive and also do no come up because that a long time, until they arise from the various other side that a dark rock and also breathing deeply. Jerry dives under to watch what is there and also finds a large black wall surface of rock and understands that the boys have swum through some feet in it to the other side. The guys take 160 secs to go with the rock and the guys go away, leaving jerry experiencing failure and crying.

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Jerry asks his mom for part goggles and determines come repeat the feat that the boys. He finds the hole and also then starts practising stop his breath, making his sleep bleed and exhausting himself. Jerry identify to walk "through the tunnel" the day before they leaving holiday and continues working out his lungs. Top top the last day the attempts his feat and also although that is hard, that manages it. He returns home, exhausted and also having suffered a huge nose bleed. The mommy notices the he looks rather "strained" but determines no to worry. As Jerry announces how long he can stay underwater, the mother tells him not to overdo it and is ready for a "battle of wills" yet Jerry offers in, finding it not important to go to his wild beach now that he has gone with the tunnel.