Watch cutting board Rhett Put nation Spin ~ above Bruno Mars’ ‘When i Was your Man’

Romantic ballad tape-recorded as a ‘thank you’ come fans

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It’s the second day that the Anything walk Tour, and Thomas Rhett — who’ll it is in spending the next nine months on the road, opened for Florida Georgia line — is gearing up for soundcheck.

On the setlist for tonight’s present are hits like “Get Me some of That” and “It Goes choose This,” and Lee Brice’s “Parking many Party,” which Rhett co-wrote with his dad in 2012. For the finale, he’s functioned up something a tiny different: a covering of the mark Ronson/Bruno Mars chart-topper “Uptown Funk.”

“I’m obsessed through Bruno Mars’ records,” he tells Rolling stone Country, several hours before showtime. “I’d provide my best leg to be able to sing like that dude.”

Country Newcomer thomas Rhett: new Album Behind the Scenes


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Last month, v the American country Countdown Awards looming just approximately the corner, Rhett made decision to rotate his fascination v Mars’ music right into fuel because that an unusual PR campaign. Feather to north up part extra votes for the ACCA’s Breakthrough Artist that the Year award, the Tweeted his pan on December 10th, promising to record his very own version that “When i Was your Man” — Bruno Mars’ blockbuster strength ballad indigenous 2013 — if 3,000 followers proved their support by retweeting the post. Virtually 4,000 pan complied… and also Rhett gained to work.

Although he wound up losing the Breakthrough Artist award to Kip Moore, Rhett maintained his promise. Today, he delivers his recording of “When ns Was your Man” via an exclusive premiere through Rolling stone Country.

“We rehearsed it a lot of on the road,” he states of the song. “After soundcheck, I’d sit there v Josh (Reedy, Rhett’s bandmate) and we’d play the over and also over, through Josh playing keys and me singing. We’d occupational on the phrasing, the breathing, the notes, the key… i think we had to reduced it, like, 5 keys prior to I could sing the song, since Bruno sings therefore high.”

The day prior to Christmas vacation, Rhett and also Reedy booked a couple of hours in ~ Nashville’s creative Caffeine studios, where they knocked out an emotional, stripped-down version of “When ns Was your Man” in a solitary take. The accompanying video shows the pair’s recording process, in addition to footage that Rhett spending part time through his wife of 2 years. (“In the context of the song, that doesn’t make sense that she’s in there,” that admits through a laugh, “but any type of time v my mam is great.”)

“We kept the videoreally simple,” he adds. “I wanted everyone to see that all us did was walk in there, grab a mic, beat the piano and sing the whole thing down. It’s a live take with a live vocal. The entirety thing wasn’t nearly as funny as I believed it would certainly be. It was serious. The moment Josh began playing and I started singing, ns felt it. That song offered me cold storage the very first time i heard it, and also it quiet does.”