Thomas gray has actually sometimes to be classified together a pre-romantic writer. Romantic writers valued emotional experience over logical arguments, nature and common human being over organized society, and imagination end reason. What evidence from "elegy created in a country churchyard" support gray"s group as a pre-romantic? your an answer should be at least one paragraph long.

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Based ~ above the part I would say that Anglo-Saxon city seems address directly taking care of the human condition as protest to Renaissance poems which check out the creative and speculative side of person nature through more abstract concepts like nostalgia, imagination and emotion.

To take this more you could also say that the Anglo-Saxon period would be the research of mans features within what is come be considered the social share of the time. Renaissance poetry in a slightly different method examines guy potential versus the social share in an initiative to transcend it.

The poem Elegy composed in a nation Churchyard mirrors many features of the Romantic movement, which supports the idea that cutting board Gray was frequently classified together a pre-Romantic poet.

The poem concentrates greatly on vivid explanation of nature and the countryside. This is not only to develop vivid images, but additionally to develop a link between nature and also the thoughts the go through the speaker"s head. The emphasis on nature is a properties of the Romantic period.

Moreover, the speak addresses concerns of the individual, no of society at large. The narrator is worried around the opportunity of remaining obscure, gift forgotten after death, and also not having actually a systematic life. Although these themes are typical to all people, they are individual concerns.

Finally, the poem"s focus is on personal reflection and emotion. The speaker"s feelings and emotional reflections journey the poem, together opposed come his debates or rational thoughts.

The writer is really vivid and also descriptive. Every the little details leading right into the true beauty, beauty of the poem really display the authors romantic and heartfelt side. Speaking so fondly and also beautifully the nature and how that emotionally web links to the speakers mind is a huge characteristic of the pre-Romantic writing.

The city speaks the the meditation the death and also the remembrance thereafter. That speaks as if death is simply a allude to it is in forgotten and also not appreciated and remembered. The separation, personal, instance and single mind collection of being nearly left behind in fatality is one more characteristic that the Romantic duration of time and also writing. How Thomas Gray shows his are afraid is through link to the readers. Through are afraid that anyone has, while likewise showing a an individual emotional struggle. The writer truly pours the end his heart and also shows just how he is gift mentally impacted by his very own struggles and fears, but he does for this reason in a beautiful and also real way.


Thomas Gray provides following characteristics of Romantic writers in "Elegy written in a nation Churchyard” (1751)

Theme (death)Setting (rural and Gothic)SubjectivityNature (superiority that village, sounds of birds)Silence and LonelinessMelancholic mood

Some attributes of Neoclassicism in this poem include

Restrained literary


A literary work-related is thought about Pre-Romantic if it has attributes of both Neo-classicism and Romanticism - having only Romantic features will do it Romantic and also not Pre-Romantic.

Thomas Gray"s "Elegy written in a nation Churchyard” has both Neoclassic and also Romantic characteristics.

Romantic attributes of the poem include;

Theme the death

Setting: The poem is set in churchyard which has actually silence and also loneliness (a Gothic setup which is properties of Romanticism such as in old Mariner by S.T. Coleridge), and also a town - again a romantic characteristic.

Subjectivity: The poet expresses his very own thoughts about death utilizing the pronouns "I" and "me" (Wordsworth"s Tintern Abbey, Daffodils) which are subjective.

Nature: countryside setting, owl’s complaint, twittering that swallow, loud and shrill crowing that rooster are all signs of nature.

Silence and loneliness

Melancholic mood

Neoclassic qualities of the poem include;

Restrained literature rules: each stanza has the same style and also each line is iambic pentameter.

Personification of summary ideas and nonliving objects, such as Earth, Fair scientific research , Melancholy, Memory, Honour etc.

Moralizing: The poem has a didactic lesson the rich human being of the cities need to not look under upon the negative people indigenous villages.

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So considering the romantic and also Neo-classic attributes of "Elegy written in a nation Churchyard”, that is taken into consideration a Pre-Romantic poem.

The city itself is not really an elegy, together it focuses an ext on the meditation of death and also the remembrance after. Cutting board Gray says that remembrance is not constantly bad or filled through melancholy, however it can be a good thing together well.