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urbanbreathnyc.com is a free online kind builder which help you develop online creates without composing a solitary line the code.

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Try the end urbanbreathnyc.com!

At urbanbreathnyc.com, we want to make certain that you’re getting the online type builder help that you need. Ours friendly customer support team is obtainable 24/7.We think that if one user has actually a question, there could be much more users that may have actually the exact same question. This is why plenty of of our assistance forum threads are public and easily accessible to it is in searched and also viewed. If you’d like help immediately, feel cost-free to find for a comparable question, or send your inquiry or concern.



The error article you see refers to the truth that you at this time do not have a default file uploaded to her website.

So the default record is the page that is loaded instantly when who attempts to see your website.

Normally as soon as you access some URL, for instance http://yoursite/folder this will shot to find the default document in the folder which is configured in the server. Most usual default pages space :


I accessed the web page with no troubles in FF, I gained the error in Chrome and IE

Hope this hints solves out your issue



Answered on march 26, 2012 in ~ 07:38 PM

I still don\"t understand what I should do to solve the issue.

Why does this just occurs well i embed a urbanbreathnyc.com into my website.


urbanbreathnyc.com Support
Answered on march 27, 2012 in ~ 01:13 AM

When I confirm your webpage, ns noticed this iframe code:

Removing this component of your code will resolve your issue (if over there is no need for this iframe in her page).


Answered on in march 27, 2012 in ~ 11:08 AM

Thanks Liyam.

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Some how my iframe code got corrupted. I changed the IFRAME code and everything is working great.

Thank you so much. You guys give an excellent support!

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