About shedding a totality Year

"Losing a totality Year" is a tune by American alternative group 3rd Eye Blind. It to be released in march 1998 together the fourth solitary from their 1997 self-titled debut album. It was written by Stephan Jenkins and also Kevin Cadogan. The track received hopeful reviews indigenous music critics and also charted ~ above the Billboard different Songs and also Mainstream rock charts. A music video clip was exit in assistance of the single.

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Losing a entirety yearI psychic you and me offered to spend the entirety goddamned work in bedLosing a entirety yearLying in your room we"d lay favor dogsThe phone would certainly ring prefer a hoax that"s left unsaidRich daddy left you through a parachuteYour voice sounds favor money and also your face is cuteBut your daddy left you with no loveYou touch every little thing with a velvet gloves andNow you desire to try a life that sinYou want to it is in down v the down and inAlways copping mine truthsI sort of obtain the feeling like I"m gift usedAnd currently I realize you never ever heardOne goddamned word I ever saidLosing a totality yearTook your stuff and put it in the basementWhen I discovered out what the laugh on your challenge meantI"ve checked out you pop that checkCraning her neck at my vehicle wreckIt constantly seems the juice used to flowIn the car, in the kitchen friend were good to goNow we"re stuck to the tubeA sink full of dishes and some aqualubeI mental you and also me used to invest the totality gotdamn work in bedLosing a entirety yearAnd if it"s no the defense then you"re top top the attackWhen you start talking i hear the ProzacConvinced you"ve discovered your placeWith the pierced queer teens in CyberspaceWhen you were yourself it tasted sweetBut it sours into a regimen deceitWell this drama is a boreAnd i don"t want to play no moreI mental you and also me used to spend the whole gotdamn work in bed

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3rd Eye Blind 3rd Eye remote is an American alternative rock band formed in the at an early stage 1990s in mountain Francisco. The songwriting duo that Stephan Jenkins and Kevin Cadogan signed the band"s very first major label recording contract through Elektra records in 1996 leading to two multi platinum albums. The band"s lineup readjusted in 2000, ending the songwriting cooperation of Cadogan and also Jenkins.

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The band"s present lineup consists of Stephan Jenkins (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Brad Hargreaves (drums, percussion), Kryz Reid (lead guitar) and also Jon Pancoast (bass guitar). More »