This song is about the very first time you find out to "Self Satisfy." At part concerts, towards the end of the tune Maynard Keenan will "jerk" his water bottle approximately until the climax of the song when he sprays water everywhere.

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Daniel Rumbo from Harrisonville, Mo 64701All I understand is that Maynard is awesome. When he wakes up in the morning he pisses excellence. Anybody the doesn"t agree deserve to go French kiss a .45 !!!!Tiffany from Sweetwater, TnMaynard states on the "aMOTION" DVD that this tune is about masturbating to the believed of anal sex. "Tugging a rhythm come the vision that"s in mine head. Tugging a beat come the sight of her lying. Therefore delighted v your new understanding, something around a little evil that provides that unmistakable noise ns was hearing, unmistakable sound the I recognize so well. Sit and sighing v that watch in your eyes, sit and also sweating with that watch on your face like sweet revelation, sweet surrendering." It renders sense if you listen to the lyrics. Steve from Laconia, NhI don"t understand what people are thinking, however Maynard is quiet in Tool... He always has been.Dan native Santa Clarita, Cathat makes more sense to me Justin! by the means jim. Why did you to speak "While in Tool"?Justin from cool Island, Nethis track is about masturbating come the assumed of anal sexDan indigenous Santa Clarita, CaMaynard claims this song is much more of a humorous song around anal sex... I"m personally quiet trying to number out what he"s talk aboutsee more comments
Cum On feeling The NoizeSlade

"Cum On feel The Noise" was initially recorded by the british glam tape Slade in 1973. Quiet Riot had actually their very first hit through the song once they tape-recorded it in 1983.

All i Wanna DoSheryl crow

"All i Wanna Do" by Sheryl Crow started with the very first line indigenous an obscure poem dubbed "Fun" the read, "All i wanna execute is have actually some fun."

EnchantedTaylor Swift

A perfume dubbed Wonderstruck was called after a heat in Taylor Swift"s song "Enchanted": "I"m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home."

Cake through The OceanDNCE

The tune title "Cake by The Ocean" source from DNCE"s swedish producers making use of the wrong name for the drink "Sex on the Beach."

Rebel RebelDavid Bowie

When David Bowie sings, "We like dancing and we watch divine" in "Rebel Rebel," it"s a referral to a renowned drag queen well-known as Divine.

Ebony and IvoryPaul McCartney

McCartney composed his duet v Stevie Wonder, "Ebony and Ivory," after ~ a marital tiff v Linda. The told Mojo magazine : "It was like, "Why can"t we obtain it together- ours piano can.""

how The Beatles make Killer ChorusesSong composing

The writer of Help! 100 Songwriting, Recording and also Career Tips supplied By The Beatles, describes how the group crafted your choruses therefore effectively.

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Phil Hurtt ("I"ll be Around")Songwriter Interviews

Phil to be a songwriter, producer and voice behind plenty of Philadelphia soul classics. Once disco hit, he acquired an amazing project: The village People.

Tony banks of GenesisSongwriter Interviews

Genesis" key-man re-examines his solo career and the early on days the music video.

Gary Louris that The JayhawksSongwriter Interviews

The Jayhawks" tune "Big Star" has special meaning to Gary, who explains how longevity and inspiration have actually trumped adulation.

Oliver LeiberSongwriter Interviews

Long prior to she to be judging contestants top top American Idol, Oliver was creating Paula Abdul. Here"s exactly how he aided turn this unknown choreographer right into a star.