Mount Vernon well-known as "The King City" is a city in and also the county seat that Jefferson County, Illinois, joined States. The population was 15,277 at the 2010 census.Restaurants in mount Vernon


Cedarhurst celebrate the arts year-round with exciting visual/performing arts, galleries, out sculptures, classes, Music, & art & craft Fair.

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the evaluation By Slp2g0 - Mt. Vernon, IL

Cedarhurst Cener for the art has excellent traveling exhibits to add a wonderful permanent collection, children's area, and also sculpture park. To walk the grounds and also trails for a nature break.(always free) admission is complimentary to the museum ~ above Thursdays, and also summer bring music and also food merchants for Thursday Night Live. In addition, chamber music concerts room held throughout the fall-spring season and art classses are held for children and also adults all year long.


reviewed By Legsfamily - Morton, IL

This historical town was simply the right size because that an afternoon visit. The was an extremely interesting, educational and a an excellent family destination. Many things to see! The blacksmith shop had a guy showing and also telling how a pond was made year ago. Because that a very little donation, he would make a pond for you to take it home. The whole town survives top top donations. This village is a great preservation that history! It's a must see if in Mt. Vernon!


the evaluation By JJRiann - Chicago, Illinois

While in Mt. Vernon, my husband and also I drove end to the airplane to check out the military museum. Once we entered the airport driveway, there wasn't any kind of signage directing us towards the "Museum". We did discover a memorial wall that detailed all of the Jefferson ar heroes and what looked to it is in a restaurant/VFW hall, however no indications of noþeles else because that tourists. The place had plenty of world around, but we did no ask any questions and also just left. Because that us, It was a waste of time.

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reviewed By Jesse R - Houston, Texas

This is a need to if you space in Mt. Vernon for a bit. I was surprised to discover out the courthouse is still a functioning one. I am certain the employee feel together if they space in a fish bowl, but they do not seem to mind the tourists. The artefacts are amazing and the tour is free. Bring the kids for one educational and also historical experience. Stand whereby Lincoln stood! how many civilization can say that?

the evaluation By Susan3181959 - Champaign, Illinois

Bookstores have become a rarity and also we seek them out as soon as traveling. This one did not disappoint and seems to it is in doing well. V all book stores a cafe and unique presents seem come have much more real heritage in stores than perform the books. Back this saddens me King City publications seems to have navigated this well. The publications are fine curated and also although ns missed see a few favorite authors they have actually a good selection and also I was drawn to to buy a publication by an writer I had actually not review before because of the thoughtful placement of the book. The staff was very friendly and recommended a an excellent Mexican restaurant in ~ walking distance. (Guero's)If friend love publications please visit this shop when you are in the area.

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