They space Billions offer six various units to help you hit the undead. These space Ranger, Soldier, Sniper, Lucifer, Thanatos, and Titan. Every among these have their own role to play. Some are better than others, and also are much more worthy of spending her resources. So, we’ve placed together a type of units perform for They room Billions, your abilities, stats, and how they deserve to be used.

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They space Billions units List, Stats, abilities & just how to usage Them

Ranger Unit – They are Billions

The Ranger is the cheapest unit in They are Billions, and also therefore extremely necessary in the early on game. They have actually several vital roles. Their main thing is, the course, scouting. You require them to uncover the map to number out the layout, places of resources and also zombies, and also so on. The second important duty is defense. In the early game, Rangers will be important to protecting your fledgling colony. After that in the game, you’ll need to start emerging stronger units. Early on, though, they can face off the weaker zombie pretty damned well. Rangers use bows and arrows, for this reason they’re pretty quite, and also can clear out several of the smaller groups of zombies. As soon as you have some heavy defenses set up, friend can also use ranger to lure opponents into traps. That’s kinda dicey, though, so exercise caution. In short, Ranger functions in They room Billions is scouting, defense, and also clearing out zombies early on.

You build and train rangers in the Soldiers Center. They cost 120 gold each, add to you require one worker and two wood. Every of lock requires extr one gold because that maintenance. You have the right to later upgrade the base Ranger to the Veteran version. Below are the Ranger stats in They space Billions.

Health: 60Armor: 1Movement Speed: 4Attack Range: 6Attack Damage: 10 (12 for Veteran)Attack Speed: 1 (2 for Veteran)Watch Range: 8Noise Activity: 1

They room Billions Soldier – how They Work?

Soldiers are more serious damages dealers 보다 the scouts. They have actually both more health and armor, and also deal an ext damage. They can gain rid of little bunches of zombies really easily. They space a very solid defense in the beforehand game, and also still relatively good in the mid game, because they have the right to down Harpies too with their an equipment guns. Later on though, you’ll have to upgrade your fire power. You deserve to use the soldiers come clear out the map of stray groups of enemies. However, your rifles make a bunch the noise, so if you strategy a town of Doom, you’ll it is in in trouble really quickly, therefore be really careful. Soldiers work ideal as defense, that seems. That counts on your as whole strategy and also the map layout, of course.

Like the Ranger, Soldiers obtain made in the Soldiers Center. Each one prices 240 Gold, to add 1 food, 1 worker, and also two iron, and also 3 gold to maintain. Also, as with the Ranger, you have the right to upgrade your simple Soldiers to Veterans. Here are the stats:

Health: 120Armor: 3Movement Speed: 2.4Attack Range: 5Attack Damage: 15 (24 because that Veteran)Attack Speed: 2 (2.5 because that Veteran)Watch Range: 6Noise Activity: 3

Snipers in They room Billions

Snipers space slow, yet have some solid health and also armor. They need time come reload, but by god, carry out they consist of for it through the beat they pack. They space a purely defensive unit, due to the fact that the zombies can edge or surround castle pretty easily, therefore they candlestick to have some defense between them and also the hordes, uneven you have big numbers that them. The being said, they can take treatment of several of the much more durable zombies. Those the they don’t kill get knocked back, even the Chubby ones. The will slow them down, permitting you an useful time come breathe.

Continuing the trend of the Ranger and also Soldier, you gain Snipers indigenous the Soldiers Center, and they deserve to be upgraded to the Veteran version. However, unequal the previous 2 units, the Sniper additionally requires 700 gold worth of research in the timber Workshop. Just how much carry out they price to build? 300 gold, 1 food, 1 worker, 2 iron, and 2 wood. If you desire them to stick around, you’ll require to set aside 5 yellow to maintain them. Let’s walk over the stats now.

Health: 150Armor: 2Movement Speed: 1.8Attack Range: 8Attack Damage: 100 (110 because that Veteran)Attack Speed: 0.45 (0.91 for Veteran)Watch Range: 9Noise Activity: 10

Lucifer units Cost, Stats, and Use

Lucifer is a bit of a toss-up. They space slow however durable, and also recover health really quickly. They can deal continual cone-shaped damages from your flamethrower, so a group of them deserve to clear the end Doom towns with great ease. Castle can’t shoot over walls, which provides them quite inefficient in defending strengthened places. On the other hand, if you have some buildings that aren’t fortified, they have the right to be pretty reliable there. The being said, they have actually plenty that setbacks. They can damages friendly units, their selection is fairly small, so few of the infected can rush them quickly if you don’t have enough Lucifer units. Plus, they’re very expensive, and there are better units the you could be buying. In short, they’re not really worth it.

Lucifers, choose the following two units, come from the design Center. Lock don’t require any kind of extra research. That being said, here’s the cost: 600 gold, 2 food, 1 worker, and, for the very first time, 10 oil. Maintenance requires 12 gold and 1 oil. And also now because that the stats.

Health: 400Armor: 3Movement Speed: 1.8Attack Range: 3.5Attack Damage: 20Attack Speed: 2Watch Range: 6Noise Activity: 10

They room Billions Unit perform – Thanatos

The Thanatos are an effective units that carry rocket launchers. They space kinda slow, however they hit favor a rhino. They’re an all-around an excellent unit. The rockets lock fire do AOE damage, so they deserve to nick at devices that they don’t hit directly. Those that gain hit v the rocket straight are in a many trouble. Favor the Sniper, if they don’t death the target outright, they deserve to knock them back and sluggish them down. Thanatos deserve to fire over walls, so they’re good for defense. Castle can also do a great job top top the offense, specifically when it involves leveling towns of death and big groups the the infected. They do entice a the majority of attention, due to the fact that rockets are really loud, however they deserve to take a beating. Plus, they have a kind melee assault to fend of the zombies that come close. That being said, they aren’t an extremely effective in nearby quarters, yet that most likely won’t issue much. Castle are certainly the much better option than the Lucifer unit.

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Thanatos systems are created in the design center, however they need hefty funds to study in the Foundry. 2000 gold worth of research, to be exact. Additionally, they’re quite expensive come train (or build, if girlfriend will), yet they do make up for it with their solid versatility. Every one expenses 600 gold, 1 worker, 2 food, 10 oil, and 10 iron. The expense of maintenance is 1 oil and 12 gold. These room their stats:

Health: 250Armor: 4Movement Speed: 1.8Attack Range: 10 Ranged (3 Minimum), 1.5 MeleeAttack Damage: 70Attack Speed: 0.3 Ranged, 1 MeleeWatch Range: 12Noise Activity: 500 Ranged, 3 Melee

Titan – They are Billions best Unit

The Titan is the end-all unit in They room Billions. They have actually the finest DPS, they deserve to take a lot of punishment, they’re very fast for their size. They deserve to be supplied both defensively and also offensively. Girlfriend can also put them right into a hole in your fortifications to stop an onslaught. They (and their twin rapid-fire cannons) are effective versus Swarms, go toe-to-toe v pretty much any enemy, clear the end Doom Villages, whatever you want. When the Thanatos are pretty efficient, nothing at all deserve to bear the Titan. You can use lock in any method you have the right to think of. They space arguably the best investment that resources.

Speaking that resources, the one downside of the Titan is the they price a ton come research, build, and also maintain. Before you can also think of structure these units, you’ll have to invest 6000 gold of research study at the Foundry. Then, you’ll have to shell out 2000 gold, 20 oil, 40 iron, 1 worker, and also 2 food to produce one. As for upkeep, you’re going to need 2 oil and 40 gold. Yes, it’s a lot, yet look in ~ them stats, tho:

Health: 600Armor: 5Movement Speed: 3Attack Range: 9Attack Damage: 20Attack Speed: 5