The more common version of this rhyme has the young running far from an owl rather of a calf. You can discover that variation below.


There to be a small Boy entered a Barn

Nursery Rhyme

There was a tiny boy got in a barnAnd lay down on part hay;A calf came out and smelled about,And the small boy ran away.

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There was a little boy went into a barnAnd lay down on part hay;A calf come out and smelled about,And the little boy ran away.



Here"s a variation of this rhyme from The Nursery luck Book, edited by Andrew Lang and illustrated by L. Leslie Brooke (1897):There to be a little boy got in a barn,And lay down on some hay;An owl came out and also flew about,And the little boy ran away.The Real mom Goose (1916) has actually this complying with version:A little boy got in a barn,And lay down on some hay.An owl came out, and flew about,And the little boy ran away.



Thanks and also Acknowledgements

The 1st illustration is native Mother Goose, The original Volland Edition (1915), edited and arranged by Eulalie Osgood Grover and also illustrated by Frederick Richardson (with part graphical editing by Mama Lisa). The 2nd illustration is from The Real mother Goose (1916), depicted by Blanche Fisher Wright. The third illustration is from On the Tree Top (1881) by Clara Doty Bates, portrayed by F.T. Merrill and Jessie Curtis.

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