Seeing Isobel at the front door was rather a shock for Elena but an even bigger shock to Jenna. Jenna realizes that Alaric’s wife was not dead and actually standing before her. Elena requirements that Jenna not allow her in and also slams the door. Back inside, Elena tries to consingle Jenna, who has ran up the stairs and also doesn’t want to hear anymore lies.

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Elena and Stefan try without any kind of luck to talk to Jenna but she will not stop. John calls for them and also Elena and Stefan head downstairs. They are not happy as soon as they realize that John had allowed Isobel right into the residence. Isobel swears that she is their only hope and also she knows wright here to uncover Klaus. Reluctantly, they accept her help.


Bonnie, Jeremy and also Damon enter Dr. Martens home to take care of the bodies and to uncover the Grimoire and hopecompletely find a method to ruin Klaus once and also for all. Looking at all of the publications, Jeremy wonders how they will ever find the correct spell. Using her powers, within secs Bonnie had actually the correct book in her hands.

Isobel enters the freshly foreclosed residence she bought as a safe home for Elena. Once inside, Isobel is struck yet soon realizes it is just Katherine. The two embrace like old friends. She tells Katherine that she has made a attend to Klaus. A deal that will set them all complimentary. She simply demands Katherine to acquire the moonstone.

Caroline shows up at the Lockwood’s in really hopes of finding Matt. He has actually been absent because he uncovered her little key. Mrs. Lockhardwood tells her she hasn’t viewed him at all. Seeing Elena and Stefan enter, Caroline races over to them. They too have actually no concept wright here he is.

Bonnie, Jeremy and also Damon head out to the old mansion where the witches were massacred so many kind of years prior to. Once entering the old house, Damon instantly feels that the spirits do not desire him there. Taking the hint, Damon decides to wait outside.

Katherine heads as much as Damon’s room while he is gone to attempt and uncover the moonstone. Looking everywhere, even in the fireplace, Katherine has actually no luck. Washing the soot from her hands, Katherine discovers that the moonstone was best there in front of her in a bowl or assorted soaps.

Isobel stops Alaric by his truck and tells him that she is really sorry for everything and also that she truly loved him. Turning to walk away, Isobel knows that behind her, the witch is putting a spell on Alaric and placing him in the truck.

Inside the abandoned residence wright here the witches were melted so many years previously, Bonnie starts to try and channel the spirits so she deserve to uncover how to destroy Klaus. Jeremy becomes spooked as soon as also he deserve to hear the whispers of the deceased witches.

At the Lockwood’s, Elena measures in for Jenna on accepting inspect for a scholarship. Up the stairs, John spots Isobel and also asks why she was tbelow. She responds by telling him she essential a distractivity. Before he has actually time to react, Isobel bites his neck and also shoves him down the stairs. During the comactivity, Katherine switches areas via Elena. Isobel takes off via Elena.

By the moment he reaches the truck, Stefan realizes that it is Katherine and not Elena standing prior to him. Before he have the right to carry out anypoint, Katherine pulls out a needle and also stabs him via it. Tossing him right into the bushes, Katherine drives off.

Jeremy watches on helplessly while Bonnie screams out in pain while she is listening to the dead witches. He tries to help her however the spirits retained him from obtaining any nearer. Once it is lastly over, Jeremy rushes to Bonnie’s side to make sure she is fine.

Outside of the Lockwood’s, Sheriff Forbes sees Matt. Matt is visibly upcollection and accoffers her of covering his sisters fatality. Telling her that he knows it was a Vampire that killed her. Sheriff Forbes attempt difficult to gain Matt to calm dvery own.

Damon prepares to take a shower when he receives a contact from Stefan, indeveloping him that Isobel took Elena. Hanging up, Damon instantly looks for the moonrock and also discovers that it is gone.

Katherine arrives at the safe home, hoping to find Isobel. Once inside, she receives a speak to from Isobel that tells her that she was very sorry but Klaus wanted her and also the moonstone. Realizing what she intended, Katherine spins approximately yet sees it is also late. She is knocked out.

Isobel brings Elena to an old cemetery and also reflects her wright here her paleas had actually her buried. Telling her that also though tright here was no body, her paleas still put flowers on her grave eextremely week. Isobel shortly receives a call informing her that she can release Elena and that she is done. Smiling now, Isobel tells Elena that she is truly sorry for being such a disappointment. Yanking the chain that hosted her special rock off her neck, Isobel all of a sudden begins to burn up in the sunlight.

Caroline sees Matt at her home and also tries to explain to him that it is still her and also that she loves him. Matt pushes her ameans and tells her just how alone he is. That he can’t trust anyone anymore. Matt shortly requirements that she compel him to foracquire whatever. Reluctantly, Caroline does simply that.

Damon and Stefan decide that the finest place for Elena was right there in their residence. They signed over the deed of the residence to her. She would have the power to say no to any kind of Vampires that attempt to enter.

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Matt leaves Caroline’s and hops into Sheriff Forbes automobile waiting outside. She had given Matt verbena so Caroline’s spell would not job-related. He tells her whatever.