The 0x80041321 error is an error through the task Scheduler service. The blog post that comes through it is “The Task picture is corruption or has been tampered with”, and also it speak you that you are managing a corrupt scheduled backup task. The task Scheduler company is responsible for the scheduling, and also it is feasible to try to prepare work without it since it works through the file system to save information. However, it may not recognize some of the tasks, and it is extremely likely to refuse running tasks that have actually been messed with, leading to the abovementioned message.

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This error usually appears when you trying to configure a backup of your home windows 7 OS, and also without resolving it, girlfriend won’t actually get really far, as job Scheduler recognizes the image as corrupt and refuses to perform anything v it, rendering her stuck, and also the image useless.

There are a couple of methods that you can shot to fix this issue, and also they all in some means reset the job Scheduler task or delete the image, so it can create a new, non-corrupt one and continue working. Friend can shot any, or all of the methods pointed out below, one of them will surely assist you resolve your problem.


Method 1: refreshing ‘User_Feed_Synchronization’

The ‘User_Feed_Synchronization’ task is the job that update RSS feeds in Internet explorer 7/8. However, since it is likewise an automated task and also works through the job Scheduler, disabling and allowing it may help your issue. For this, girlfriend will need an elevated command prompt, Click begin -> Type cmd and choose Run together Administrator. In the home window that opens, form the adhering to commands, each one complied with by pressing Enter on your keyboard:

msfeedssync disable

msfeedssync enable

These commands will disable, and also then enable, respectively, the User_Feed_Synchronization task. As soon as you’re done, close the elevated command prompt and try backing increase again.

Method 2: Delete the WindowsBackup file

Option 1: Manually, via the document explorer

If this file is corrupt, the job Scheduler will refuse to work with it. What you have the right to do is situate it, manually delete it and also let the job Scheduler produce a brand-new one. The very first thing you need to do is navigate to the folder where the paper is located. Open My Computer, and open the partition whereby your Operating system is mounted (usually the C:\ drive). When inside, navigate inside the complying with folders:

Windows -> System32 -> work -> Microsoft -> home windows -> WindowsBackup

Inside the folder, you will check out the WindowsBackup file you have to delete. Prior to you delete it, however, take it a backup on a various location – this will certainly make certain you still have actually the file in situation something goes wrong. Once you’re done through the backup, delete the file. Try backing up your mechanism again, and see whether the issue shows up again.

Option 2: Via one elevated command prompt

You have the right to open one elevated command prompt by opened the Start menu, and typing cmd. Right-click on the an outcome (cmd), and also select Run together Administrator. You will should navigate to the WindowsBackup with the following command:

cd %windir%\system32\tasks\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsBackup

Now that you’re within the exactly folder, type the following regulates to delete the files:

del AutomaticBackup

del “Windows back-up Monitor”

When you’re done v this, you need to close the command prompt and restarting the back-up again, by opening the Backup and Restore facility from the Control Panel. You need to now have the ability to perform a back-up without any issues.

Method 3: Delete the task from the job Scheduler

Deleting the job does pretty much the exact same thing together deleting the records from the WindowsBackup folder, so it’s good to recognize this option as a back-up method. An initial you have to open the Task Scheduler, and the simplest means to execute this is by pushing Start on your keyboard, typing Task Scheduler and hitting Enter. In the home window that opens, you will watch a navigating pane come the left. Usage the dropdowns to navigate to:

Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> home windows -> WindowsBackup

Once you’re inside this folder, delete both the Automatic backup and the Windows back-up Monitor tasks. Once done, nearby the job Scheduler, and try to restart the backup from the Backup and also Restore Center.

Method 4: Delete the Schedule key and all of its subkeys native the registry

If you feel safe editing and modifying the registry on her computer, this is another an approach that helps through the 0x80041321 issue. You can want to earlier up your registry, simply in case.

First things first, open the Registry Editor. This is excellent by pushing simultaneously Windows and R on your keyboard, inputting regedit in the Run window the opens, then push Enter. To the left friend will check out a navigation pane, use it to browser to the adhering to location:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Schedule

Delete the Schedule key, along with its subkeys. Save your changes and exit the registry editor. You deserve to now try again to see whether the job Scheduler works as it’s supposed to.

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The 0x80041321 error article has become a common sighting, yet it is nothing come be afraid of. You have the right to use any kind of of the aforementioned methods to aid you resolve it, after ~ which friend will be able to proceed with your Windows back-up without any type of problems.