Transferring the debits and credits from the journal entries to the equivalent accounts is calleda. Journalizing.b. Charting.c. Summarizing.d. Posting.

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A group of accounts for a company entity is calleda. A T account.b. A transaction.c. A chart of accounts.d. A ledger.
The adhering to are heat items from the horizontal evaluation of an earnings statement:Complete the last line of the analysis shown above.a. 200 and 33, respectively.b. (200) and also (25), respectively.c. 200 and also 25, respectively.
The complying with are the account balances because that Facci agency on December 31. Assume all accounts have normal balances. If the company prepares a trial balance at this time, what will be the debit and also credit totals?a. $46,370b. $26,280c. $74,740d. $37,370
The adhering to are line items native the horizontal analysis of statements of cash flows:Which the the items is declared incorrectly?a. Cash flows from jae won activities.b. Cash flows for investing activities.c. Cash flows from operating activities.d. No article is stated incorrectly.
Which the the complying with is correct about T accounts?a. The top of the T account has the ending balance.b. It is the simplest kind of account.c. The left-hand side of the T account is dubbed the credit side.d. The right-hand side of the T account is referred to as the debit side.
The T account for Unearned Rent appeared as adheres to after posting from the journal:Which that the following is a exactly statement about the newspaper entry that was posted?a. A "23" was gone into in the Post. Ref. Tower of the journal.b. The entry explanation most likely read "Paid rent in advance".c. The debit portion of the entry was likely to account Receivable.d. All of these choices are correct.
Which that the complying with is no an error the would cause the attempt balance to end up being unequal?a. Balance entered in wrong shaft of accountb. Debit is posted together a credit, or evil versac. Column wrongly addedd. The debit part of an entry post to the wrong account
Horizontal evaluation of an income statementa. Compare individual income statement item to industry norms.b. Uses the most recent year as the base year.c. Shows individual income and expense items together a percentage of net income.d. Compares the amount of every item top top a present income statement v the same item ~ above an previously income statement.
d. Compare the lot of each item on a present income statement with the exact same item on an earlier income statement.
Wang Corporation paid dividends that $45,000. Which of the complying with is the newspaper entry the company should record?a. Cash 45,000 Dividend expense 45000b. Account Payable 45,000 Dividend expense 45,000c. Dividend Payable 45,000 Sales Revenue 45,000d. Dividends 45,000 Cash 45,000
On in march 13, Henson company purchased offers on account because that $560. Which of the complying with is the correct newspaper entry for this transaction?
The Recliner firm is wanting to verify that all of its accounts room in balance. I beg your pardon of the adhering to will be ready for this purpose?a. General ledgerb. Chart of accountsc. Balance sheetd. Attempt balance
The newspaper serves asa. A summary of the transactions in every account to determine the account balance.b. A group of accounts because that the organization entity.c. A record of initial entry of transactions into the audit system.d. A perform of the accounts that deserve to be provided by the business entity.

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What is the finishing balance that the following account top top April 30?a. $5,500 credit.b. $5,250 credit.c. $3,500 credit.d. $3,500 debit.
Select one of the adhering to accounts to finish the over journal entry.a. Accounts Receivableb. Fees Earnedc. Account Payabled. Unearned Fees