3) Ciliated CNS neuroglia the play one active duty in relocating the cerebrospinal liquid arecalled________.

You are watching: The substance released at axon terminals to propagate a nervous impulse is called a(n) ________.

A neuronal circuit the concentrates or directs a large number of incoming impulses come a rathersmall variety of neurons is dubbed a(n) ________.

The point at i m sorry an impulse from one nerve cabinet is connected to another nerve cell isthe________.

A neuron that has as that primary function the job of connecting various other neurons is dubbed a(n)________.

Which of these ion is proactively transported with the cabinet membrane to develop a restingpotential?

B) Voltage would be measured by placing one electrode inside the membrane and also anotheroutside the membrane.

D) The synaptic cleft avoids an impulse from being transmitted straight from one neuronto another.

Neuroglia that regulate the chemical environment about neurons by buffering potassiumand recapturing neurotransmitters room ________.

Which the the complying with will happen when one excitatory postsynaptic potential (EPSP) is beinggenerated top top the dendritic membrane?

If a engine neuron in the body were stimulated by an electrode placed around midpoint alongthe length of the axon ________.


Using figure 11.1, enhance the following:1) which neuron would connect to a muscle?2) i beg your pardon neuron would be found in the retina that the eye?3) i beg your pardon neuron is a sensory neuron found in a reflex arc?4) which neuron is never ever myelinated?


Using number 11.1, match the following:

5) i m sorry neuron is rare?6) In a reflex arc, i beg your pardon neuron has its cell body inside the spinal cord?7) which neuron is typical only in dorsal source ganglia of the spinal cord and sensoryganglia ofcranial nerves?8) which is by much the most typical neuron type?


Using figure 11.2, enhance the following:9) Ion channel.10) Synaptic vesicles.11) Calcium ions.12) Postsynaptic membrane.13) Synaptic cleft.

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20) The specific period during i beg your pardon potassium ion diffuse out of the neuron as result of a adjust in membrane permeability

23) countless nerve impulses showing up at a synapse at closely timed intervals exert a accumulation effect.