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Chapter 36: Transport in Vascular Plants Pre-Test


1 .The proton pump _____. (Concept 36.1) is a passive process uses the energy of a proton gradient to generate ATP releases kinetic energy operates by osmosis uses the energy stored in ATP to produce a hydrogen ion gradient 2 .A plant cell placed in a solution with a lower water potential will _____. (Concept 36.1) lose water and burst lose water and become turgid gain water and become turgid lose water and plasmolyze gain water and plasmolyze 3 .The water potential of a cell is defined by the equation Ψ = Ψs + Ψp. Which of the following statements is true? (Concept 36.1) Ψs may be either positive or negative. Ψs is always greater than Ψp. Ψp may be either positive or negative. Ψs is always positive. All of the above are correct. 4 .Which of the following is a correct statement about a difference between xylem and phloem transport? (Concept 36.3 and 36.5) Active transport moves xylem sap but not phloem sap. Transpiration moves phloem sap but not xylem sap. Phloem carries water and minerals; xylem carries organic molecules. Xylem sap moves up; phloem sap moves up or down. Xylem sap moves from sugar source to sink, but phloem sap does not. 5 .Which one of the following refers to the loss of water through the stomata in a plant"s leaves? (Concept 36.4) respiration bulk flow transpiration osmosis guttation 6 .The last thing all water and solute molecules pass through before they enter the vascular system of roots and move upward to the leaves is _____. (Concept 36.2) a stoma a root hair cell an endodermal cell an epidermal cell a tonoplast 7 .The Casparian strip is _____. (Concept 36.2) a band of waterproof suberin impregnated through endodermal cell walls. the last segment in the soil-to-xylem pathway a region across central Canada marking the northernmost presence of deciduous trees a vertical band of xylem cells in a woody stem none of the above 8 .A student is performing a chemical analysis of xylem sap. This student should not expect to find much _____. (Concept 36.3) nitrogen sugar phosphorus water potassium 9 .Xerophytes minimize water loss by _____.

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(Concept 36.4) using the CAM pathway reducing the thickness of the leaf cuticle developing a Casparian strip between their leaves and stem having leaves with a large surface-to-volume ratio using the C3 pathway 10 .The solute most abundant in phloem sap is _____. (Concept 36.5) hormones amino acids water minerals sugar ©2005 Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Benjamin Cummings