For a bottom sloping straight-line need curve, the absolute value of the own price elasticity follow me the demand curve:

a. Is consistent since a straight-line need curve has actually a constant slope.

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b. Is same to twice the slope of the inverse need curve.

c. Boosts as we move from reduced price to greater price follow me the need curve.

d. Tells us just how responsive carriers are v respect come a price change.

The Elasticity of Demand and also Linear need Curve:

The elasticity of demand explains how responsive the need is come a change in the price. The demand can be elastic, inelastic, or unitary elastic. A linear need curve is a need curve through a consistent slope.

Answer and also Explanation:1

The correct option is: c. Rises as we relocate from reduced price to greater price along the demand curve.

We calculate the price elasticity of demand...

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