Bill plans to money his individual retirement account (IRA) withthe maximum donation of $2,000 in ~ the end of each year for thenext 20 years. If Bill have the right to earn 12 percent top top his contributions,how much will he have at the finish of the twenty year?

A. $144,104

B. $14,938

C. $19,292

D. $40,000

The present value the an plain annuity of $2,350 each year foreight years, suspect an opportunity expense of 11 percent, is_____

A. $12,093

B. $1,020

C. $27,869

D. $18,800

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jan 16 2021 06:34 am

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Swati V answered on January 18, 2021
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solution 1: alternative B is correct. PV = $25,000/0.14 PV = $178,571 solution 2: alternative A is correct. FV = PMT (FVIFA
I, n) FV = $2,000 (FVIFA
12%, 20) FV = $2,000 <(1.12^20 – 1)/0.12> FV = $2,000 (72.0524) FV = $144,104...
ion 3: choice A is correct. PV = PMT (PVIFA
I, n) PV = $2,350 (PVIFA
11%, 8) PV = $2,350 <(1.11^8-1)/ (0.11*1.11^8)> PV = $2,350 (5.1461) PV = $12,093
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