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Stephanie Pereira Da Silva, health and wellness and also well-being manager for Kimberly-Clark Corporation, provides understanding on the industry’s development potential:

“The wellness career outlook is positive and growing. From fitness-focused careers to corporate wellness planning, task fads within the market are constantly changing and arising. In many kind of suppliers, health is controlled by huguy resources, giving candidates through a health and wellness degree an opportunity to take the reins and expand or expand the programs.”

Health and also Wellness Jobs and Salaries

According to 2019 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics pay data, the median salary for wellness educators and community health workers was $55,220. Job titles and salary varieties in this area differ. Some examples:

Benefits coordinator ($36,871-$55,872)Corporate health administrator ($46,989-$82,368)Wellness regime consultant ($49,917-73,052)Wellness routine manager ($64,713-$118,212)Employee health and wellness solutions manager ($93,128-$145,839)

Gain the Knowledge and also Skills You Need for an Exciting Health and also Wellness Career

The online College of urbanbreathnyc.com Health and Wellness Management bachelor’s and master’s programs are designed to create competitive candidays in this expanding field. In enhancement to the typical coursework, graduates have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the health and wellness and also wellness field as part of the forced caprock courses, which provide 100 hrs of area work in a expert atmosphere. This offers UW students an advantage over graduates of various other programs.

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According to UW advisory board member Michaela Conley, CEO and founder of HPCareer.Net, “UW students aren’t just passive receivers of information; they’re hand-operated practitioners, qualified of performing real-civilization work ideal out of school!”

In the video below, UW Health and also Wellness Management faculty better talk about the helpful benefits of the bachelor’s degree routine.

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