What is the model referred to as that determines the current value of a stock based on its next yearly dividend, the dividend expansion rate, and the applicable discount rate?A. Zero growth.B. Dividend growth.C. Funding pricing.D. Earnings capitalization.E. Discounted dividend.

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Which among the complying with is computed by dividing next year"s yearly dividend by the existing stock price?A. Productivity to maturity.B. Total yield.C. Dividend yield.D. Resources gains yield.E. Development rate.
Which one of adhering to is the price at i beg your pardon a stock"s price is intended to appreciate?A. Current yield.B. Complete returnC. Dividend yield.D. Funding gains yield.E. Coupon rate.
Which one of the following types of stock is characterized by the reality that it receives no preferential therapy in respect to either dividends or bankruptcy proceedings?A. Twin class.B. Cumulative.C. Non-cumulative.D. Preferred.E. Common.
A agency has four open seat on its board of directors. There are 7 candidates vying because that these four positions. There will be a single election to recognize the winners. As the owner that 100 share of stock, girlfriend will obtain one vote per share because that each open up seat. You decide to actors all 400 of her votes for a solitary candidate. What is this kind of voting called?A. Democratic.B. Cumulative.C. Straight.D. Deferred.E. Proxy.
You cannot attend the shareholder"s meeting for Alpha united so friend authorize one more shareholder to vote on your behalf. What is the giving of this government called?A. Alternate voting.B. Accumulation voting.C. Directly voting.D. Indenture voting.E. Voting by proxy.
You desire to be on the plank of directors of Uptown Communications. Because you space the just shareholder who will vote for you, girlfriend will have to own much more than half of the exceptional shares of stock if you room to be chosen to the board. What is the form of voting referred to as that needs this level that stock ownership to be properly elected?A. Democratic.B. Cumulative.C. Straight.D. Deferred.E. Proxy.
What room the distributions of either cash or share to shareholders by a copy, group called?A. Coupon payments.B. Preserved earnings.C. Dividends.D. Funding payments.E. Diluted profits.
Which among the adhering to is a form of equity security that has actually a solved dividend and also a priority status over various other equity securities?A. Senior bond.B. Debenture.C. Warrant.D. Typical stock.E. Desired stock.
Emst & Frank share is listed on NASDAQ. The for sure is to plan to worry some new equity shares for sale come the general public. This revenue will certainly occur in which one of the following markets?A. Private.B. Auction.C. Tertiary.D. Secondary.E. Primary.
The secondary market is finest defined through which one the the following? A. Sector in i m sorry subordinated shares room issued and resold.B. Market carried out solely by brokers.C. Market conquered by dealers.D. Industry where outstanding shares that stock are resold.E. Market where warrants are offered and sold.
An agent that maintains an inventory indigenous which that or she buys and also sells securities is called a:A. Broker.B. Trader.C. Capitalist.D. Principal.E. Dealer.
An agent that arranges a transaction in between a buyer and a seller of same securities is referred to as a:A. Broker.B. Floor trader.C. Capitalist.D. Principal.E. Dealer.
The owner that a trading patent for the NYSE is referred to as a:A. Broker.B. Member.C. Agent.D. Specialist.E. Dealer.

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A person on the floor the the NYSE that executes buy and also sell orders on behalf of client is referred to as a(n):A. Floor trader.B. Dealer.C. Specialist.D. Executor.E. Commission broker.