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Anton from EarthWill forever despise Saul Zaentz for annihilating more than a decade"s worth of musical efficiency of one of my favorite musicians native the seventies.Barry native Sauquoit, NyOn January 31st 1985, john Fogerty showed up on "All Stars MTV Showtime" at the Chaplin phase in Hollywood, California; it would certainly be his very first live performance in fourteen years...At the time his "The Old guy Down the Road" as at #22 top top Billboard"s warm Top 100 chart; a tiny over three weeks later on February 24th the would optimal at #10 for 1 week, the would likewise peak in ~ #10 top top the Australian Kent Music Report chart... And also on January 20th, 1985 it reached #1 for 3 weeks on Billboard’s Mainstream rock chart...John Cameron Fogerty will celebrate his 71st date of birth this coming may 28th 2016.Johnny native Boston, MaThis is among the many bizarre plagiarism stories. Remarkable that he had actually to play the guitar in court to clean up any misunderstandings. It is also a crime the Zaentz own the CCR catalog.Cory native Dallas, TxHe is an (OLD MAN) man well versed in the southern tradition of clandestine or(illegal)activities such as "alchemical" drug and or alcohol manufacture. in other words Masonically speaking. "Suitcase in rattlesnake hide" is commonplace in south western locations of narco trafficking. AND culture of Texas Mexico Louisiana etc. The is a suitcase the DRUGS. Standing right in the road; are unpreventable in this waiiting in the CROSSROADS OF fast LIFE IN DEALING wherein the reptile represents the same endangered-dangerous temperment or HIDEY HIDEY HIDE. In rural areas Everyone knows at the very least on vengeful OLD man that operation shtT.Who walk not obtain charged criminally and also is defended SO HIDE.bring a strong mamn come his dope fiending knees do the young girl momma cry... Currently YOU understand A MANIPULATIVE OLD MAN. Dont 4 gain to sheathe THE windows PARANOID DOPE DEVILS. -Illumadept, DallasDane native Lima,ohio, FlIn a popular music up video way back when,It stated John stated this song is around overcoming obstacles,whatever they may be.I love the twangy guitar & the killer groove.John played all the instuments ~ above this album.I constantly liked this one especially when it come out (in 1985) that was all synth popular music & hair metal.This tune was a blast of new air.Erik indigenous Bloomfield Hills, MiSued for plagiarizing oneself?! just in the 80s.Kelly indigenous Waukesha, WiThe tune is about the devil, and he do the barking of the hound is the hell hounds after your soul as soon as your 10yr transaction is up, he has a fit case and stands in the road, meaning the cross roads.Steve from Cincinnati, OhI"ve constantly thought the old guy was "Death". I"ve never ever seen the video.Aaron from Babylon, Caactually i take that earlier Old guy is another alias because that Satan, so an ext specifically this song might be about The Devil...Pj from Okc, OkThis track is about your very own mortality! The video flashes the things that happen in life. ...listen and watch the video, the makes more since!PJDyani indigenous Santa Fe , NmI constantly thought that the lyrics, "Eye as black color as coal" were "Highest bag the coke". I"m happy I"m wrong.Sam indigenous Shanghai, ChinaI love Fogerty"s voice!! What kind of hopeless SOB would certainly sue someone because that sounding like themself? %$#!Ed indigenous Incognito, IlFogerty"s voice, tho no technically an extremely good, to be the sound that the Viet Nam eraJude indigenous Thomasville, GaI love this song, and I love "Run with The Jungle" But...I play them ago to back, and also they space not that much alike. Perhaps that"s why my favourite Fogerty song is "Vanz Kant Danz", i beg your pardon was originally titled "Zanz Kant Danz". Vanz/Zanz is a pig who picks the pockets that the crowd watching his boy, Billy, perform. Friend guessed appropriate if you guess that Mr. Zaentz additionally sued end this and also won. I"m not sure exactly how John Fogerty regulated to slip the darker and an ext straight forward "Mr. Greed" by him. I"m even much more surprised the Zaentz didn"t decide he to be the title character in "The Old guy Down The Road" and record a suit over that!Charles from Augusta,, GaThis was no his first hit together a solo artist. He had a hit with Jambalaya in 1972 which reached number 16, hearts of Stone, in 1972 which reached number 37 and also Rockin anywhere the civilization in 1975, which reached number 27. That laid short for nine years, functioning out legalities v Fantasy records, and woodshedding, prior to releasing his brilliant one guy band effort, Centerfield in 1985.Sylvain from Montreal, CanadaWatching the video, i beleive this track is much more about someone, near the finish of his life looking ago at his past. Being "down the road" is a an allegory for saying the you"re life is coming to an end.Deana from Indianapolis, InI think I read, quickly after this was released, the the tune was around "trouble".see much more comments
Unchained MelodyThe Righteous brothers

"Unchained Melody" very first appeared in a 1955 movie referred to as Unchained. The Righteous Brothers tape-recorded it in 1965, and also their variation was resurrected in the 1990 movie Ghost.

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Nothin" top top YouB.o.B

When "Nothin" top top You" reached #1 top top the warm 100, B.o.B ended up being the very first American plot whose surname is a palindrome to height the chart. The other two that did so prior to the Atlanta rapper were both Scandinavian teams - ABBA and A-Ha.

CompassionLucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams" track "Compassion" is based upon a city by she father, lauded Arkansas poet miller Williams.

below Comes her ManPixies

"Here Comes her Man" is the the next the Pixies pertained to a fight in America. It to be rumored come be about a drug dealer, yet Black Francis states it"s simply a story around some hobos who take trip by train and also die in an earthquake.

Hey over there DelilahPlain White T"s

When the met Delilah DiCrescenzo, level White T"s command singer Tom Higgenson told her he"d write a song about her, and also came up v the an initial verse of "Hey there Delilah" ~ above the spot.

(Everything ns Do) I do It for YouBryan Adams

The Bryan Adams song "(Everything ns Do) I carry out It because that You" was nearly rejected because that the movie Robin Hood: Prince that Thieves since it didn"t sound middle ages enough.

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Dave Pirner of spirit AsylumSongwriter Interviews

Dave defines how the video clip appropriated the definition of "Runaway Train," and what he believed of getting parodied by monster Al.

Why walk Everybody hate Nu-Metal? Your metal Questions AnsweredSong composing

10 concerns for the author of precious Metal: Decibel presents the story Behind 25 excessive Metal Masterpieces

Amy Lee that EvanescenceSongwriter Interviews

The Evanescence frontwoman on the songs that have shifted meaning and her foray right into kids" music.

Jack knives of Night Ranger and Damn YankeesSongwriter Interviews

Revisit the amazing glory that Night Ranger and Damn Yankees: cheesily-acted videos, catchy guitar licks, lengthy hair, and also lyrics that are just plain relatable.

Mike Scott of The Waterboys - "Fisherman"s Blues"They"re play My song

Armed v a childhood invested devouring books, Mike Scott"s heart was stolen by the punk rock scene the 1977. Not surprisingly, he would go ~ above to become the most literate the rockers.

Max Cavalera that Soulfly (ex-Sepultura)Songwriter Interviews

The Brazilian rocker sees images in his riffs. As soon as he came up with one of his gnarliest songs, there was a riot going on.