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"Laid" is the title song from 1993 album to adjust by Manchester alternate rock band James. Emotionally evocative and featuring the risqué opened, "This bed is on fire v passionate love, the neighbours complain around the noises above, but she just comes as soon as she"s ~ above top", it conveniently gained popularity on American university radio and also remains the group"s best-known song in the unified States. The American release of the music video replaced the finishing of its opened through "she only sings when she"s top top top" (although Tim Booth is viewed to lip-sync the original line, and also is attach by a caption reading "hums"). Today, a variety of alternative rock stations, including Boston"s RadioBDC, WBOS, Maryland"s WRNR-FM, Chicago"s WXRT, Missoula"s KDTR-FM and Philadelphia"s WRFF will certainly play "Laid" v the original controversial line. In addition to Radio X in the UK. When the song did chart on the us Billboard hot 100, its peak was number 61. It made the onto the chart thanks to its cult status as a famous college song, which was what aided it reach a top of number three on the Billboard modern-day Rock tracks chart. The tune was much more successful in the band"s indigenous United Kingdom, wherein it peaked at number 25, ending up being the band"s ninth top-forty hit.more »

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This bed is ~ above fire through passionate loveThe neighbors complain about the noises aboveBut she only comes when she"s on topMy therapist claimed not to watch you no moreShe claimed you"re prefer a condition without any kind of cureShe said I"m therefore obsessed the I"m coming to be a bore, five noAh, you think you"re therefore prettyCaught her hand within the tillSlammed your fingers in the doorFought v kitchen knives and also skewersDressed me up in women"s clothesMessed roughly with sex rolesLine mine eyes and call me prettyMoved out of the house so you moved next doorI locked friend out, you cut a feet in the wallI found you sleeping alongside me, I believed I was aloneYou"re driving me crazy, once are you coming home?LaidLaid

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James James is a british rock band from Manchester, England. They created in 1982 and were active throughout the 1980s, but most successful throughout the 1990s. Their hit singles incorporate "Come Home", "Sit Down", and "She"s a Star" and also their American university radio fight "Laid". Adhering to the exit of lead singer Tim Booth in 2001, the band became inactive but re-formed in January 2007, returning because that a new album and also international tour.

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As much as 2010, the band had actually sold more than 25 million albums worldwide. An ext »