Nicholas Flamel showed up in J.K. Rowling’s take care of Potter—but did you recognize he really lived? and also his tricks aren\"t safe! Discover the truth in book four of the new York time bestselling series the secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel.  The Belief: Sophie and Josh room the twins of prophecy. The Reality: Nicholas Flamel has been dorn before.Sophie and also Josh Newman are ultimately home, yet they\"re both more confused than ever about their futures.   no of them has actually mastered the element magics they\"ll need to safeguard themselves from the Dark Elders, they\"ve lost Scatty, Macchiavelli is comes to unleash on your city the menagerie of monsters imprisoned in Alcatraz, and they\"re quiet being gone after by Dr. John Dee. And also most disturbing of all is that now they need to ask themselves, can they to trust Nicholas Flamel?   Worse, can they trust anyone? “The keys of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel has everything you loved about Harry Potter, consisting of magic, mystery, and also a consistent battle of great versus evil.”—Bustle

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Michael Scott is the new York times bestselling writer of The secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series, an authority on mythology and also folklore, and one of Ireland’s many successful authors. A grasp of fantasy, scientific research fiction, horror, and folklore, Michael has been hailed by the irish Times together “the King of Fantasy in these isles.” The Necromancer is the fourth publication in the Nicholas Flamel series. Look for publication one, The Alchemyst; publication two, The Magician; book three, The Sorceress; book five, The Warlock; and book six, The Enchantress, all easily accessible from Delacorte Press. You deserve to follow Michael Scott ~ above Twitter

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CHAPTER ONE“Never believed we’d ever see this location again.” Sophie Newman grinned and also looked at she brother.“Never assumed I’d be so happy to check out it,” mockery said. “It watch . . . Ns don’t know. Different.”“It look at the same,” his twin answered. “We’re the ones who’ve changed.”Sophie and Josh were walking down Scott Street in Pacific Heights, heading for your aunt Agnes’s residence on the corner of Sacramento Street. They had actually last checked out the residence six work earlier—Thursday, might 31—when they had left because that work, Sophie at the coffee shop, josh in the bookstore. It had actually started as just one more ordinary day, but it had actually turned the end to it is in the last plain day castle would ever experience.That job their world had adjusted forever; lock too had actually changed, both physically and also mentally. “What execute we phone call her?” mock asked nervously. Aunt Agnes was eighty-four, and also although they dubbed her aunt, she was no actually concerned them by blood. Sophie believed she could have been your grandmother’s sisters . . . Or cousin, or maybe simply a friend, yet she had actually never been fairly sure. Aunt Agnes to be a sweet yet grumpy old lady that fussed and also worried if lock were also five minute late. She drove both Sophie and also Josh crazy and reported ago to their parents around every solitary thing castle did.“We save it simple,” Sophie said. “We stick to the story we told Mom and also Dad—first the bookshop closed because Perenelle wasn’t emotion well, and then the Flamels . . .”“The Flemings,” Josh corrected her.“The Flemings invited united state to remain with castle in their residence in the desert.”“And why walk the bookshop close?”“Gas leak.”Josh nodded. “Gas leak. And also where’s the residence in the desert?”“Joshua Tree.”“OK, I acquired it.”“Are friend sure? You’re a damaging liar.”Josh shrugged. “I’ll try. You know we’re walk to get grilled.”“I know. And that’s even before we have to talk come Mom and Dad.”Josh nodded. The glanced over at Sophie. He’d been mulling miscellaneous over for the past few days, and figured this would be the perfect time to lug it up. “I’ve to be thinking,” he claimed slowly. “Maybe us should simply tell lock the truth.”“The truth?” Sophie’s expression remained unchanged and also the twins continued walking, cross Jackson Street. They can see their aunt’s white wood Victorian house three block away.“What perform you think?” mockery asked, as soon as his sister said nothing more.Finally Sophie nodded. “Sure, we could.” She brushed a few strands of blond hair the end of her eyes and looked at her brother. “But just let me obtain this right first. We’re going come tell Mom and Dad the their whole life’s work has been because that nothing. That every little thing they have ever before studied—history, archaeology and paleontology—is wrong.” she eyes sparkled. “I think it’s a good idea. But I’ll let you go ahead and also do it, and also I’ll watch.”Josh shrugged uncomfortably. “OK, OK, so we don’t call them.”“Not yet, in any kind of case.”“Agreed, however it’ll come out sooner or later. You know exactly how impossible it is come keep tricks from them. They constantly know everything.”“That’s because Aunt Agnes tells them,” Sophie muttered.A sleek black color stretch limousine through tinted home windows drove progressively past them, the driver leaning forward, checking addresses on the tree-lined street. The car signaled and also pulled in farther down the block.Josh indicated the limo through a jerk the his chin. “That’s weird. The looks choose it’s stopping outside Aunt Agnes’s.”Sophie looked increase disinterestedly. “I just wish there to be someone we can talk to,” she murmured. “Someone prefer Gilgamesh.” she blue eyes enhanced with suddenly tears. “I expect he’s OK.” The critical time she had actually seen the immortal, he’d simply been wounded by an arrowhead fired by the Horned God. She looked at her brother, irritated. “You’re not even listening to me.”“That auto is stopping external Agnes’s house,” Josh said slowly. A faint warning tingled at the back of his skull. “Soph?”“What is it?”“When to be the last time Aunt Agnes had actually a visitor?”“She never has visitors.”The twins watched a slender black-suited driver gain out that the car and also climb the steps, his black-gloved hand rolling lightly ~ above the steel rail. Their Awakened hearing clearly heard the knock on the door, and also unconsciously they increased their pace. They observed their aunt Agnes open up the door. She to be a slight, bony woman, every angles and also planes, through knobby knees and swollen arthritic fingers. Mock knew the in she youth she had been thought about a an excellent beauty—but her youth had actually been a long time ago. She had actually never married, and there was a household story the the love of her life had been killed in the war. Mockery wasn’t certain which one.“Josh?” Sophie asked.“Something’s no right,” mockery muttered. He broke into a jog; Sophie fell into step next to him, quickly keeping up.The twins saw the driver’s hand move and also Aunt Agnes take it something native him. She leaned forward, squinting at what looked favor a photograph. Yet when she bend closer to obtain a far better look, the driver instantly slipped roughly behind her and darted into the house.Josh took turn off at a sprint. “Don’t allow the car leave!” the shouted at Sophie. The raced across the street and also up the steps into the house. “Hi, Aunt Agnes, we’re home,” he referred to as as that ran past her.The old mrs turned in a finish circle, the picture fluttering from her fingertips.Sophie complied with her brother across the street yet stopped behind the car. She stooped and pressed her fingertips versus the behind passenger tire. Her ignorance brushed the circle on the back of her wrist and her finger glowed white-hot. She pushed; there was the stink of burning rubber, and then, through five unique popping sounds, the rubber tires was punctured. Air hissed out and the tire quickly resolved onto its metal rim.“Sophie!” the old woman shrieked as the girl ran increase the steps and also grabbed her puzzled aunt. “What’s walking on? Where have actually you been? that was the nice young man? Was the Josh I just saw?”“Aunt Agnes, come v me.” Sophie drew her aunt away from the door, simply in case Josh or the driver come rushing out and the old mrs was coincidentally knocked down. She knelt and also picked up the photo her aunt had actually dropped, then assisted the older woman a safe street away from the house. Sophie looked in ~ the photograph: it to be a sepia picture of a young woman dressed in what looked choose a nurse’s uniform. Words Ypres and also the day 1914 had been composed in white ink in the bottom right-hand corner. Sophie caught her breath—there to be no doubt that the person was. The woman in the photo was Scathach.Josh stepped right into the darkened hallway and pressed flat versus the wall, waiting till his eyes had readjusted to the gloom. Last week he wouldn’t have actually known to perform that, however then, critical week the wouldn’t have run into a residence after one intruder. That would have actually done the judicious thing and dialed 911. That reached into the umbrella stand behind the door and lifted out among his aunt’s special walking sticks. That wasn’t Clarent, however it would need to do.Josh stayed still, head tilted to one side, listening. Whereby was the stranger?There was a creak ~ above the landing and also a young-looking male in a straightforward black suit, white shirt and narrow black color tie came hurrying under the stairs. The slowed as soon as he spotted Josh, yet didn’t stop. He smiled, yet it seemed much more of a reflex 보다 a voluntary gesture—it didn’t relocate past his lips. Currently that the male was closer, Josh saw that he was Asian; Japanese, maybe?Josh stepped forward, the walking stick stretched out in former of him prefer a sword. “Where perform you think you’re going?”“Past girlfriend or with you, renders no distinction to me,” the male said in English tinged v a strong Japanese accent.“What space you act here?” mock demanded.“Looking because that someone,” the guy answered simply.The intruder came off the bottom step right into the hall and also moved to walk out the prior door, however Josh ban his path with the stick. “Not so fast. You owe me an answer.”The black-suited man got hold of the stick, yanked that from Josh’s grip and also snapped it across his knee. Mockery grimaced; that had actually to hurt. The man tossed the two pieces ~ above the floor. “I fan you nothing, but you should be thankful that i am in a good mood today.”There to be something in the man’s voice that made Josh step back. Other cold and also calculating that made him unexpectedly wonder if the guy was entirely human. Josh stood in the doorway and also watched the guy move lightly under the steps. That was getting to for the vehicle door once he spotted the back tire.Sophie smiled and waggled her fingers in ~ him. “Looks choose you have actually a puncture.”Josh hurried down the steps and also joined his sister and their aunt. “Josh,” Agnes claimed querulously, “what is going on?” her gray eyes were huge behind thick glasses.The behind passenger window eased down a portion and the Japanese guy spoke urgently into it, gesturing towards the tire.Abruptly the door opened and also a young woman climbed out. She to be dressed in a beautifully tailored black color suit over a white silk shirt. There were black leather gloves on her hands and also a pair of small round black sunglasses perched on she nose. Yet it was she spiky red hair and also pale freckled skin that provided her away.“Scathach!” both Sophie and also Josh cried in delight.The woman smiled, revealing a mouthful that vampire teeth. She pushed down the glasses to reveal brilliant eco-friendly eyes. “Hardly,” she snapped. “I am Aoife that the Shadows. And also I want to understand what has happened to my pair sister.”