Season 6 illustration 1 - Tonya Harding Boxing complement

Doug Stanhope go One-On-One with number skater Tonya Harding in a 3 round boxing match. The judges encompass 2 juggy"s, and the man display blind guy. Included: The Magical black helps the boys" and even the newest diet setup -- tape worm! Air date : 2nd-May-2004Read More

Season 6 illustration 2 - Joe & Doug Road expedition

Doug, Joe, and the Juggys hitchhike naked and additionally a look in ~ the deleted scenes in pulp fiction. Air day : 2nd-May-2004Read More

Season 6 episode 3 - That"s My young!

Joe & Doug"s mothers compete to check out who know"s their son better. Also, The Wheel the Destiny, and Doug goes to a garage sale and also plants items for sale, such together dildos and also rubber fists. Air day : 9th-May-2004Read More

Season 6 illustration 4 - A Man present Man Tribute

Doug and Joe offer out awards to part Man present Men. Including some male who threw water top top a baby, and a frozen Baseball player who"s name ns forgot. Air date : 16th-May-2004Read More

Season 6 illustration 5 - Stealing another Man"s Midget

The Man present midget is back, after he to be thrown away by Adam and also Jimmy. Air day : 23rd-May-2004Read More

Season 6 episode 6 - Sexy Censor pays a Visit

Joe and also Doug space mad because the censor for the show, is a girl, telling world what guys want to see. The just solutioun is to re-anact what the censor is doing when she payment a visit. Air date : 30th-May-2004Read More

Season 6 illustration 7 - Juan walk Wild

Doug brings average joe, Juan, with him to girls unable to do wild to show him what it"s prefer to be rich. Air date : 6th-Jun-2004Read More

Season 6 episode 8 - Guess who Asscrack

It"s time because that everyones favourite Asscrack game.....again. Air date : 13th-Jun-2004Read More

Season 6 illustration 9 - Juggy boot Camp

The juggy"s are sent out to boot camp. Air date : 19th-Jun-2004Read More

Season 6 episode 10 - warm Tubs for mankind

Air day : 19th-Jun-2004Read More

Season 6 illustration 11 - Compilation display II

A compilation that clips native the second fifty percent of the fifth season. Air day : 1st-Jan-1970Read More





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