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Concern 1.

A(n) ____ is a software package that offers an editor, compiler, and various other programming tools.GUICGIGDEIDE

Question 2.

The significant distinction between the two main programming styles in use now is the ____.usage of flowcharts versus pseudocodetrial and error procedure offered by the programmerfocus the programmer takes in the time of the earliest planning stperiods of a projectprogramming language used

Concern 3. ____ is the procedure of paying attention to crucial properties while ignoring nonessential details.AbstractionModularizationAbbreviationDecomposition

Inquiry 4. When you ask multiple concerns before an end result is figured out, you develop a ____ problem.dual-alternativenestedsingle-alternativecompound

Inquiry 5.

The action or actions that occur within a loop are well-known as a(n) ____.loop bodyaction bodyloop internalsframework body

Question 6. With a(n) ____, you percreate an action or job, and then you percreate the following activity, in order.ordered structuresequence problemsequence structureloop sequence

Inquiry 7. The complying with pseudocode is an example of stepAdo stepBperform stepDperform stepEnestingstackingsingle different structuresa posttest

Inquiry 8. The ____ is the typical terminal symbol for a flowchart.circlelozengediamondsquare

Question 9. Normally, ____ variables are not taken into consideration to be equal unmuch less they are identical.stringintegerscharacterfloating point

Concern 10.In older langueras, you could leave a selection or loop before it was complete by utilizing a "____" statement.loopgo nextnextgo to

Concern 11. The ____ dictate the order in which operations in the same statement are brought out.rules of precedencestatement rulesprocedure rulesrules of arithmetic

Question 12. The repetition of a series of procedures is referred to as a(n) ____.repeat flowloopflowinfinite loop

Question 13. The ____ is provided to represent output in a flowchart.squarecircleparallelogramtriangle

Inquiry 14. You may hear programmers describe looping as ____.executionselectioniterationcase

Inquiry 15. Fractional numeric variables that contain a decimal allude are well-known as ____ variables.partialstringintegerfloating-point

Inquiry 16.One way to straighten out an unstructured flowchart segment is to use the "____" technique.spaghetti codespaghetti bowlrestructuringpriming

Question 17. An ____ is a lot of often represented by a three-sided box that is linked to the step it recommendations by a daburned line.abstraction symbolannotation symbolabbreviation symbolenumeration symbol

Inquiry 18. When the variable starts via a lowerinstance letter and also any type of subsequent word starts through an upperinstance letter, this is called ____.Hungarian notationPascalcamel casingTuring notation

Inquiry 19. The procedure of finding and correcting regimen errors is called ____.desk checkingsyntaxes checkingerror correctingdebugging

Inquiry 20. Structured programs deserve to be conveniently damaged down into routines or ____ that have the right to be assigned to any number of programmers.segmentsmodulesunitssequences

Question 21. The conditional AND operator in Java, C++, and C# is ____.&AND**&&

Inquiry 22. The priming review is an instance of a(n) ____ task.declarationexithousekeepingselection

Concern 23. You can usage an ____ statement to clearly display wright here the actions that depfinish on a decision end.endendstructureendloopendif

Concern 24. You represent a decision in a flowchart by drawing a decision symbol, which is shaped prefer a ____.parallelogramsquarediamondcircle